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    Reselling Products on eBay
       February 27th, 2009

    The easiest and fastest way to start your online business is to join eBay and launch your own auctions. You will get your potential buyers checking what you have to offer in no time.

    Before you do that you need to check the auction’s fee structure.  And this your first step to understand that eBay services are NOT cheap – it will take you some auctions closed without any bid to realize how fast eBay fees accumulate.

    Nonetheless there are thousands of eBay Powersellers who make their living off eBay – I guess the number is declining and in the past there were a few times more of successful eBay entrepreneurs. There are a number of reasons of this decline – growing competition (= shrinking margins), growing eBay fees, and most recently – financial crisis.

    But in my opinion, eBay membership is a must for any online dropship affiliate entrepreneur:

    • keep updated of new products hot selling on the market at this moment ( top searches is also a good source),
    • test new dropship products (demand, competition, margins, seasonality, etc – maybe it makes sense to buy wholesale and increase your margins),
    • test your dropshippers performance (no minimums, prompt shipment, returns handling, communication, etc).

    Yes, reselling products on eBay is still a viable option to do money online.

    How do you define what products at least potentially are good sellers? It is a few steps algo.

    1.    Your first step is observing eBay Pulse for a long time. My belief is that you should check it daily and make notes for a couple of weeks. Begin with narrowing to some product categories to observe. Then make notes of products and product lines in those categories.
    2.    Next step is to check your list of products with Google Insights for Search (including Rising Searches) – see general demand for these products outside eBay
    3.    Back up this demand data with some keyword research tools -  WordTracker, Wordze, etc…
    4.    Set relations with some verified dropshippers
    5.    Launch just a few auctions (with professional template) to see if your previous calculations are correct
    6.    Grow to the status of a Powerseller
    7.    Launch eBay Store and your own website selling the products in addition to eBay auctions.

    You are welcome to check our online product research here:

    Jigsaw Puzzle Drop Shippers
    Coffee Dropship
    Feng Shui Drop Ship
    Diaper Bags Dropshipper

    Though we did not target eBay as our key sales channel those posts should be of some practical value – you will see step-by-step market analysis of this or that product.

    Playstation Dropshipper
       February 23rd, 2009

    Playstation Dropshipper
    Our today’s dropship case study deals with dropshipping Playstation accessories. This is not the first profitable video game business in our collection of dropship case studies. You can find more detailed stories here:

    Playstation (PSP) Accessories Dropshipper

    Playstation Dropshipper

    PSP Dropshipper

    Video consoles, video games, video console accessories – PSP, Xbox, Nintendo – are hot online sellers for a couple of years now. And the trend is likely to last. This proves Google Insights for Search tool as well as the list of eBay top sellers where you can always spot some of the products from this category.

    It is definitely worth checking with verified dropshippers what they have to offer and at what prices

    Now when you have examined the product line it is time to have a look at the profitability of this sort of dropship business. And the owner is generous to provide us with some details in addition to mentioning of $2000 monthly revenue – he provides a detailed breakup of the prices for 5 top products – invaluable information:

    Pandora Battery
    - We receive $15.14 and supplier price is $6.40

    Pandora Battery & 2GB Mem Stick
    - We receive $26.14 and supplier price is $14

    Pandora Battery & 4GB Mem Stick
    - We receive $33.14 and supplier price is $17

    Pandora Battery & 8GB Mem Stick
    - We receive $45.14 and supplier price is $21.5

    16GB Mem Stick
    - We receive $77.14 and supplier price is $46

    What is our conclusion? Yes, very nice profitability. And you have enough ground to compare these prices with the prices that your dropshipper will offer you

    Another important issue – how to drive traffic to your store. There are a few ways to get your potential customers to the door of your dropship store – e-mail marketing, SEO, PPC, CPM, social sites, etc. some techniques do not fit some do – the project in question is a few months old, so the most expensive and the fastest way to drive targeted traffic is applied – PPC (Google AdWords) though with time it is possible to expand the list of traffic sources.

    PSP Dropshipping Business – $2000+ / Month

    Easy To Run – 1Hr/Day At Most – Low Competition Niche – Awesome Deal

    Established: Wed Jan 14 2009
    Page views/month: 2,400
    Monthly Revenue (USD): 2,000
    Uniques/Month: 1,300
    BIN: $12 000


    My site:

    A premium established website.

    It is a dropshipping site for Playstation Portable (PSP) accessories, especially batteries and memory sticks. The custom design was done by a professional designer. The writing was obtained from other sites and our dropshipper’s site.

    The site is very easy to run and requires about 1 hour per day at most to process the orders and answer customer e-mails. All products are shipped through a dropshipper so there is no need to maintain inventory or anything like that. You receive an order and payment, then you send the dropshipper the payment and order, and the product will be shipped out directly to the customer. No work on your part. Very straightforward and easy. Also, we have some of the best prices on the net for these products.

    You will get complete information about the dropshipper, and if you buy in bulk, you can get even more savings.

    This highly targeted niche isn’t very competitive so there is great potential for high profits. Every PSP owner wants to install custom firmware, custom applications, games, etc. So the demand for these products (Pandora Batteries and Memory Sticks) is really high.

    This supplier has accessories for many other video game consoles. As well as other non video game accessories. So basically, by buying the website and getting the supplier, you’d have access to a vast number of items at very low prices. So you can easily make similar sites for other video game platforms.

    The current BIN of $12,000 is only about 6 months of profits and considering the new owner will receive the supplier source as well, opening new windows, its reasonably firm priced.

    Why am I selling?

    I am currently in Medical School and had made this site mainly to sell it as I don’t have much time to expand it.

    Traffic & Revenue Generation:

    Most of the traffic is generated through Adwords – Both Search and Content networks. The new owner will receive the campaign as well as some tips and tricks I have learned along the way to maximize the revenue. I have tried a lot of things so I know what works and what doesn’t. Occasionally, I have also posted on different PSP related forums in relevant topics and sections. I also posted a few products on eBay. However, I didn’t have time to do any of that much. Mainly (over 90%) is through adwords. The campaign is for $10/Day. So about $300 per month. I tried different things and I believe now the campaign is tweaked. The new owner can also try things and I’ll suggest things as well. I also have few other advertising tips that will help that I will mention to the new owner and not release here in public.

    Occasionally, I also get e-mails asking for custom pricing and such, so those add to sales as well.

    More promotion, SEO, etc. would easily increase the revenue but since that’s all “potential” it’s not included in the price of course :) Adding tutorials, FAQs, etc. would drastically increase the search engine rankings.

    I will provide one year of hosting for free.

    All payments are collected through Paypal and also paid by paypal to the dropshipper. You will just have to change the paypal codes to yours. I can help transition the site completely.

    Now for product margins:

    Five main products:

    Pandora Battery
    - We receive $15.14 and supplier price is $6.40

    Pandora Battery & 2GB Mem Stick
    - We receive $26.14 and supplier price is $14

    Pandora Battery & 4GB Mem Stick
    - We receive $33.14 and supplier price is $17

    Pandora Battery & 8GB Mem Stick
    - We receive $45.14 and supplier price is $21.5

    16GB Mem Stick
    - We receive $77.14 and supplier price is $46

    Those make up about 90% of our sales. Other 10% are mixed combos, people choosing to buy like 3 8GB or 3 16GB etc.

    All the payments in the screenshot represent products sold from the site. The odd payment prices pertain to custom payments.

    This is truly a great opportunity and you can earn for doing practically nothing. Requires no maintenance. And you can start right away.

    The BIN is set at about 6x the monthly revenue which is reasonable and a bargain for such a premium site. All screenshots attached.

    We will accept, Western Union, Wire.

    Revenue Details:

    Please see above

    Traffic Details:

    See Above

    Jigsaw Puzzle Drop Shippers
       February 17th, 2009

    Looking for potential products to dropship off eBay or your own e-commerce website we have recently reasearched a few products that might be good candidates for an online venture:

    coffee dropship
    feng shui drop ship
    diaper bags drop ship

    Undoubtedly, you have a much bigger selection of products to choose from – say, what about jigsaw puzzle drop shipping?

    We have a few free tools to help us with our initial research (there are also paid options, but I think it is not yet the time for any advanced research).

    As we check with Google Insights for Search we see that the amount of searches for this product is rather steady over years with some peaks at the Christmas holidays. To tell the truth, I expected a growing demand…

    Rising searches (at the time of writing) can also show you the proper direction and what it is popular right now:

    Rising searches


    sudoku jigsaw puzzle



    jigsaw puzzle 2



    jigsaw jigzone puzzle



    online puzzle games



    puzzle games



    play jigsaw puzzle



    jigsaw puzzle games



    disney jigsaw puzzle


    Make notes of anything that catches your eyes… I see that online puzzle games are popular and it is a sign that the product might be on the decline – people move online and stop buying many offline items they used to buy – newspapers is a good example.

    You should not ignore eBay Pulse for this sort of research – it is a must to check for hot selling products in the relevant category. And what other products compete or try to substitute the product of your research – it is a good way to spot other hot products that might be more profitable.

    Now we move to keyword research tools. Here we discover quite limited amount of searched keywords, but most have a sweet KEI (ratio of demand vs supply):

    235 Keywords Found


    Estimated [?]

    KEI [?]


    WordRank [?]


    jigsaw puzzle




    Keyword History

    Keyword WordRank

    Keyword Dig

    difficult jigsaw puzzle




    Keyword History

    Keyword WordRank

    Keyword Dig

    piano jigsaw puzzle




    Keyword History

    Keyword WordRank

    Keyword Dig

    dealers delight springbok jigsaw puzzle




    Keyword History

    Keyword WordRank

    Keyword Dig

    orchard toy jigsaw puzzle




    Keyword History

    Keyword WordRank

    Keyword Dig

    daily jigsaw puzzle




    Keyword History

    Keyword WordRank

    Keyword Dig

    jigsaw puzzle online free




    Keyword History

    Keyword WordRank

    Keyword Dig

    free jigsaw puzzle downloads




    Keyword History

    Keyword WordRank

    Keyword Dig

    2000 pcs mona lisa jigsaw puzzle




    Keyword History

    Keyword WordRank

    Keyword Dig

    dailey jigsaw puzzle




    Keyword History

    Keyword WordRank

    Keyword Dig

    universal jigsaw puzzle




    Keyword History

    Keyword WordRank

    Keyword Dig

    jigsaw puzzle online




    Keyword History

    Keyword WordRank

    Keyword Dig

    excite daily jigsaw puzzle




    Keyword History

    Keyword WordRank

    Keyword Dig

    jigsaw puzzle board




    Keyword History

    Keyword WordRank

    Keyword Dig

    chagall jigsaw puzzle




    Keyword History

    Keyword WordRank

    Keyword Dig

    free jigsaw puzzle




    Keyword History

    Keyword WordRank

    Keyword Dig

    free online jigsaw puzzle




    Keyword History

    Keyword WordRank

    Keyword Dig

    Jigsaw Puzzle Drop Shippers
    KeywordDiscovery, WordTracker and other keyword research tools offer free and trial versions that should help you to expand the list and look deeper into the needs of the potential clients.

    Competition check is a must. Better – if you make a research, but from own experience know than it is hard to evaluate the level of competition until you try to promote the products. The narrower niche you choose the more chances you have to succeed – people tend to buy general products from established and well known retailers.

    Also remember to get subscribed to at least one reputable product sourcing list to know if you will be able to get the products you need dropshipped…


    8,000 Pre-Screened Legitimate Wholesalers

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    Jeans Dropshippers
    Jewellery Dropshippers
    Lingerie Dropshippers
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