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Why use Shopster?

If you ever sold anything on the Internet, no matter whether via online auctions or store, you should have faced with the two major problems. The first is the supply of goods, it means that you should have constant source of products to be successful. And the second problem is drop shipping the products you sell. Some of the sources, which are quite multiple on the Internet, are not reliable enough, others do not ensure drop shipping to the final destination. The ultimate solution might be Shopster – the service that provides both great choice of goods and sdrop shipping to the buyers.

What is Shopster?

On the whole, Shopster is a complete solution for your business with appropriate tools, technology and services. Shopster helps you create an online Internet store, fill it with products and make profit. The warehouse of the service enlists over 1 000 000 products which are delivered right to the customer with YOU getting the profit. The thing about Shopster is that actually you don’t have to deal with the products personally – everything is done for you.

Dropship wholesale products

Over 1 000,000 Products
Free Trial
eBay Integration

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How it works?

Create Online Store Shopster provides software solutions for creating Internet stores. After the site is finished, choose from over 1 000 000 products to sell
Set the Prices Determine the prices yourself. Moreover, you can advertise online with Google AdSense and banners
Shopster Drop Ships Products When a customer buys something from your site, you just sit and wait for the money to jump into your pocket, because the service does all the behind-the-scene operations like packing and shipping
Get Checks Regularly You get other relevant information you need mailed to you on a regular basis

Shopster Features:

Goods Warehouse
As was mentioned before you choose from over 1 000 000 items. The service ensures the simple methods of finding and adding products to your website
Store Management
The service offers a very simple but functional store managing system. It includes:
1. Manual product pricing
2. Mass edit to save your time and energy
3. Methods of editing your current domain name or setting up a new one
Store Builder
Shopster provides a number of utilities, tools and applications for customizing the appearance and content of your web store. You can:
1. Choose among the available layouts
2. Customize the layout
3. Create content
4. Sign up your customers to newsletters
Selling on eBay
The service provides the means of fast and easy submission of your goods to other online selling services like, for instance, eBay
Powerful Customer Service
Shopster is a lot more than just a warehouse. It is a complicated and working system with fraud and dispute resolution, customer service, sales tools, marketing services and much more.

What do I get?

Run your 7-day free trial. Like it? For $29.95 a month you gain access to one of the most sufficient online product warehouse and tools which will enable unlimited profits for you.


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