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Why do I need Worldwide Brands?

Have you ever encountered an eBay seller who lists thousands of items, which are likely to bring him thousands of dollars? Have you ever bought an item at some auction for, let’s assume, $10.00 and later sell it at $50.00? You always say the same thing to yourself: if only I could have unlimited access to all these products, I could do nothing more than sell them. You might also ask yourself a question: where do these sellers get the products from? If you are one of the wondering, Worldwide Brands will give you the answers. In fact, it doesn’t even matter if you are in business for years of have just started to work in some niche. Wouldn’t it be nice to have thousands of items to buy at wholesale prices and sell at a profit?

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Worldwide Brands - dropshippers list

Thousands of pre-verified wholesalers
Updated daily
eBay certified service provider

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What is Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide Brands are the biggest database of ecommerce wholesalers in the world. For the last seven years the company has collected wholesale suppliers from all over the globe who are eager to collaborate with small businesses. As a result Worldwide Brands have uncovered thousands of companies that sell item at wholesale prizes giving you an opportunity to earn great profits.

Get all the wholesale products you'll ever need

Nowadays there are too many services offering “wholesale lists” or “Secret dropship sources”, so you see that credibility is a great issue. Worldwide Brands is the service you can definitely trust. Don’t believe me? Believe this:

eBay Certified Solution Provider
eBay Developer's Program Member
Official Product Sourcing Editors For eBay Radio
Entrepreneur Radio Show Writer's and Hosts
BBB Online Reliability Program

How it works?

Don't buy "Complete Internet Stores" that come pre-loaded with products to sell If you do this kind of thing, you are most likely to end up as someone’s cat’s paw
Not all wholesale suppliers are willing to work with small, home-based internet business owners A great number of companies you would like to deal with don’t work with online businesses or the ones that have small initial budget, so it could be simply impossible for you to reach them. Worldwide Brands list only the companies that are collaborating with your kind of business
Don't work with middleman If someone passes himself off as a real wholesaler but is not, that you will pay extra to the person. Worldwide Brands insures you against middleman cheating.
The search engines are a horrible place to find real wholesale suppliers There are 2 basic reasons for that: search engines feature a great number of middlemen, huge wholesale suppliers don’t want to be enlisted in online search.

What is Worldwide Brands?

As was already mentioned Worldwide Brands have the biggest online searchable database of ecommerce wholesalers and dropshippers. It is the only thing you need for dropship wholesalers, light-bulk wholesalers, instant import purchases, liquidation wholesalers and large volume wholesalers. The database is updated daily. It offers:

You can find out how many people are searching for your product line and see the different keywords you can use to drive sales
View current eBay auctions for your products
Keeps track of all your product sourcing for you
Instantly see competitors advertising
Make Instant Import buys immediately
Quickly and easily export wholesalers to Excel or print them
Create instant content for niche websites

How can Worldwide Brands help you?

Once you have access to the supply of goods you can:

Create a Yahoo Store
Set-up your own ecommerce website
Run hundreds of eBay auctions
Instantly set-up an eBay store
Create an offline, true “bricks-and-mortar” store
Create an affiliate program and have an army of affiliates marketing products for you
Buy items at wholesale prices and trade them at their true retail price for goods and services you want

What do I get?

For a lifetime fee you get the access to the Unlimited Access To The Internet's Largest Database Of Pre-Qualified Dropship Wholesalers.


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