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  • Archive for the 'Perfume Dropshippers' Category

    Dropship businesses & company lists

    8 000+ Verified wholesale dropshippers
    6 000 000+ Products to sell on eBay/ your store
    1 200 000+ Products dropshipped + training
    Perfume Dropshipper
       April 18th, 2009

    I have some experience of selling perfume products online. So the below statement that it will take little work and make you lots of money does not look trustworthy to me.

    In addition the site is just 3 months old and they claim they get considerable traffic from Google. I might be wrong but it looks like a sort of scam to me. Selling perfume online is not that lucrative business – e-commerce and perfume are not a match made in heaven.

    Dropshipping E-Business. Little Work, Very Lucrative

    Fragrance website generating $3k in sales a month.

    Established: Sat Jan 31 2009
    Uniques/Month: 12,860
    Page views/month: 22,352
    Monthly Revenue (USD): 2,300
    BIN: $7800


    This website was started in February and has grown by leaps and bounds! This website is run under volusion e-commerce software and has a conversion rate of 4% in some traffic sources. The website uses a dropshipper who ships out all the products. Right now, I have a 40% profit margin. When a product is ordered I simply enter the details into the wholesaler website and place the order. The package is sent QUICKLY to the customer with our company details on it. As you can see, this is the business to get in to. Very little work, and a lot of money.

    The Buyer of the website will get dropshipper details, etc.

    Google Index: 1410
    Alexa Rank: 1,044,086
    Yahoo In-Links: 5,274

    Buyer will receive all trademark images, logos, domain, store, transfer of volusion software, all marketing accounts (twitter, etc)

    We are also seen on – Cologne and Perfumez on Amazon

    Revenue Details:

    Revenue comes from orders placed by visitors. Profit = Store price – wholesale price.

    Traffic Details:

    Traffic comes from various sources. Most of the traffic comes from advertising on product comparison sites which are generating conversion rates from 2-5% which is amazing. Its very easy to make money off advertising. 99% of the time you make twice of what you spend in advertising on these sites. Someone who has a good base of advertising costs could be very lucrative. Traffic also comes from google and articles.

    Perfume Drop Shippers
       October 19th, 2008

    Perfume products are no doubt popular with drop ship affiliates And remember – the holiday season is coming and despite the crisis people will spend billions on gifts (though it is clear that shopping expenses will be cut in most families).

    So, it looks like dropshipping fragrance/ perfume products is not a bad idea. – you need the product knowledge and reputable merchants dropshipping discount perfume – all this takes time so there are no chances to be properly prepared by this holiday season, but more holidays are coming…

    We have not discussed in detail promotion techniques that our case study site owners apply, but you can read about that in the descriptions of the web projects for sale. I would just like to mention that from my own experience PPC (once worked great) gets more and more costly – especially AdWords You have to compete against top e-commerce brands and it is next to impossible to bid on keywords as much as those brands can afford.

    And Google sets requirements so high that now you can’t just go and buy 10 000 keywords and be sure that they will drive you traffic at .10$ per visitor. Those times are gone…

    Comparison shopping engines are still efficient traffic vehicles – check Shopping, Nextag and Shopzilla

    For those interested in e-commerce topic, I would recommend checking e-commerce basics packed into one article It is not a tutorial or complete list of e-commerce promotion tools, but it is a good up-to-date primer to those who need the starting point.

    Established Ecommerce Perfume Website

    10K Revenue / Year – Established 2005

    •    URL:
    •    Established: Fri Nov 04 2005
    •    Uniques/Month: 2,200
    •    Page views/month: 7,000
    •    Monthly Revenue (USD): 300
    •    BIN: $10 100


    Offered for sale for the first time is online retailer Skinfragrance is an online perfume/fragrance retailer. The site has been online for since Nov 2005, and with little promotion has done around 38K in sales over that period. (Read more in “Why am I selling” below) targets the high end market of Perfume / Cologne. Site currently carries around 5000 to 8000 products at any given time.

    We are ranked for numerous terms:
    #6 Google – best selling perfume
    #9 Google – best selling cologne
    #9 Google – top selling cologne

    Numerous other (higher traffic keywords) – a few pages deep. can pass other sites fairly quickly based on Domain Age alone….combined with a few quality links.

    What’s included:

    •    Domain
    •    Current Customer List/Mailing List (Opt In)
    •    Web Design / Content

    Why is Skinfragrance for sale?

    I started this ecommerce site in Nov of 2005 with the intention of letting the domain age. Sales started coming in quickly and I did initial promotion (link building etc) Domain is still currently included in BOTW directory among others. I have since started many other projects and have a very demanding job within the Ecommerce industry. I do not have time to take to the next level.
    I simply have not had time to update products. I have had to cancel orders because of stock issues. New owner would need to put in the 15-30 minutes a day to update products.

    Skills Required:

    Site is run on the Yahoo Store Merchant platform and has been since the beginning. I would expect the new owner be familiar with ecommerce sites, have some Excel Skills (loading csv imports) – some degree of programming would be great but not necessary. You will also need your own Merchant Account.

    Revenue Details:

    Products are drop shipped and no inventory is maintained. There is much room to grow profit margin simply by moving to a inventory & fulfillment model.

    Unexploited revenue opportunities for this site include advertising of course, but also there exists a great customer interest in up to date information. Revenue can greatly be increased with simple link building, comparison engines, PPC, etc.

    - I have briefly advertised with Nextag and Shopzilla and Yahoo Shopping. Good Results but I have not tracked well enough.

    Generating around 10K plus a year in Revenues – Profit Margin ranges from 15% to 90% based on price of item. Most products are currently at about a 25% to 30% markup. Profit /month – Ranges from $120 to $400 (Potential is with Aged Domain) Traffic Details:

    Traffic is generated via:

    •    Google Organic (Product Search) – I have problem with showing images in Product search and have not had time to fix. This along would probably double traffic from this source.
    •    Around 1500 – 3000 Uniques per/month – Dec much more – See Graphic
    •    Organic traffic via viral word of mouth on forums, etc
    •    Newsletters utilizing Opt-in subscription tool to capture browsers and push for increased conversion.
    •    Repeat Buyers

    What would I do to take Skinfragrance to next Level?

    •    More Promotion (Via Link Building) – Would not take much – I was ranked for term “Discount Fragrances” after getting to links with correct anchor text.
    •    Automate Inventory – Take Supplier XML / CSV file and automate inventory levels. This takes a little programming knowledge or outsource the work.
    •    Start Stocking Products
    •    Better Analytics – Install Google Analytics with Revenue Tracking

    •    I have run a few campaigns over the years on Yahoo / Google but nothing more than a few hundred bucks.
    •    $39.95 Month Yahoo Store
    •    $19.95 Merchant Acct. / Month

    Revenue Details:

    Revenue is sales of perfume / body perfume products. We only sell Authentic Brand Name Perfumes. Sales mostly come from Google….

    Traffic Details


    Fragrance Dropshipper Affiliate
       September 23rd, 2008

    To tell the truth, I have no experience of selling perfume online – it was always my belief that fragrance products are sort of those that require customers touch and smell participation.

    My idea was – it is OK to buy some brand discount perfume that you are familiar with, but it is not good products to build your entire online business.

    It looks like I was wrong, just a few case studies from our selection:

    Dropship Fragrance / Perfume
    Another Dropship Fragrance Business Case Study
    Dropship Fragrance and Perfume Products

    It looks like fragrance products are quite good online sellers AND they have quite high potential for revenue.

    Where to start your search for perfume dropshippers? I would begin with these two websites – check the available wholesale fragrance dropshippers lists here and here

    Today’s fragrance case study is not a cheap business to acquire if you choose to go that way. But what you would learn (as most our readers are pure eBay players) is that it is possible to build your website backend operation in such a way that you are able to run your multi channel sales (including eBay and Amazon) through your online store.

    Profitable E-commerce Store – $7000 Profit Per Month * Must See*

    Fully developed site – excellent package – priced for quick sale

    Established: Thu Jan 05 2006
    Uniques/Month: 29,000
    Page views/month: 29,734
    Monthly Revenue: 37,000
    Google Pagerank: 3
    BIN: $80 000


    We have developed a truly unique business since 2006, that has seen recent turnover reach $446,000 and 2008 projections showing turnover to exceed over $600,000.

    The business provides a range of health & beauty items from Branded Fragrances, leading brands in skincare and Cosmetics all at competitive prices and with the ease of ordering via the Internet. The website features on all major search engines and is heavily optimised through its clever management system. We have invested heavily into a powerful e-commerce management tool, which is an easy to configure and manage online retail application, integrating with a choice of merchant clearing systems and offering a range of management reports to ensure the smooth running of the business.

    Fragrance City has also appeared in glossy magazines ranging from Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Brides featuring our products.

    This is an extremely desirable opportunity to acquire a lucrative business, which is well established within the online market place and has tremendous growth potential.

    The Website:

    With the shopping cart backend control panel, you can manage all aspects of the store. Built into the backend control is an advanced marketing and promotion system and an advanced statistics package including a live view of customer shopping at the site.

    • Professionally developed e-commerce website
    • 4 Year old Domain Registered in 2000
    • 0800 Toll Free number that goes with the new owner
    • 3 step checkout process
    • Unique page titles, descriptions on every product page

    Advertising & Marketing:
    Fragrance City has been optimised by a professional team to perform well in search engines. Currently we have managed Google and Overture in an action campaign to help make the most of google addwords. We have now achieved a Page Rank of 3 and both sites are listed with all major directories.

    Products and Suppliers:
    We have two main suppliers, who offer a drop ship service & a credit facility . They offer a huge catalogue of inventory which you can choose to stock. We do not hold any stock – orders are processes daily with suppliersand customers.

    System & Software:
    We have had designed a special software which enables orders to be placed with suppliers at the click of a button via a packaging software (This comes with full licenses, codes & support). This intelligent software collates all orders from different merchants, Amazon, Ebay, Fragrance City at the click of a button and is ready to be emailed to the supplier, and it then prints out labels and invoices ready for packaging.

    What’s Included in the package:
    Fragrance City operates as a Limited Company

    Cherish Perfumes operates as a Limited Company

    The websites work in conjunction with the following accounts:

    - SHOP.COM
    - AMAZON
    - EBAY

    And have the following key features:

    - A Database of 25,000+ Customers
    - Link Services
    - Backlinks
    - Organic Search Results
    - A page rank of 3
    - Group mail Campaign Manager
    - Packing Partner Software
    - Inventory 2,200+ Products
    - Online presence for over 2 years
    - Search optimisation
    - Google & Yahoo account Managers
    - 0800 Number for sale

    We were on Amazon and Ebay – but these accounts were closed down due to feedback – we were on 92% and they require 95% – We want this to be clear and honest – we have opened new accounts, but all our feedback and sales on those accounts CAN be accessed and verified.

    All listings for ebay are already prepared, as are the feeds for amazon with barcodes, pictures etc.. Please note these feeds do take a long time to prepare. But it’s only a matter of logging on and creating a new account and you can start selling immediately.

    There is a data trail of all hits, orders etc.. all statistics can be viewed online. We also have a set of accounts in place for our records, which are available to serious buyers only.

    This business requires minimal amount of time, roughly 1.5 hours per day dealing with customer queries via email, and placing orders with suppliers.

    - Revenue screen shots are available on request.
    - Sales are generated from different sources including the websites Fragrance City & Cherish Perfumes,, Edirectory & Ebay.
    - A record of all business sales & costs have been kept.

    Training – Transfer:
    The site is sold complete, as it is and in working order to include all rights to software and domain name. Payment is due in full within 5 days of the end of auction. As soon as payment clears the site and domain will be completely transferred.

    I will make this transfer fast and easy for the new owner. We offer 60 days full support via phone/msn/email until the new owner is comfortable on their own. .

    Future Potential:
    Fragrance City is only at its early stages and the new owner will reap the rewards of its great business success over the past few years. This online business has great potential to grow further with more aggressive advertising methods using google and directories which at the moment have been used but not to their full capacity. With the nature of the type of business there are many peak & troph occasions in sales. Christmas (Quarter 4) being the optimal period of growth where you can reach revenues of $318,000 with net profits of $72,000 and late Q1 & Q2 being slightly a quieter period for sales.

    Affiliate Programs – Fragrance City does not offer this but if the new owner was to implement this it would increase awareness and sales.

    Online forums / blogs / blog postings – this again is another fantastic avenue to persue – this would drive huge amount of free hits to site but again this has not been implemented.

    Traffic Details:

    TOTAL HITS 4499225
    2006 Hits: 94951
    2007 Hits: 356810
    2008 Hits: 215776 ( to July 08 )


    8,000 Pre-Screened Legitimate Wholesalers

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