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  • Archive for the 'Furniture Dropshippers' Category

    Dropship businesses & company lists

    8 000+ Verified wholesale dropshippers
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    1 200 000+ Products dropshipped + training
    Dropship Tapestry Wall Hangings & Accessories
       August 3rd, 2008

    What I like about this post case study is the design of the website – professional and up-to-date. One might be puzzled by relatively low page views per month, but in my opinion the nature of products dropshipped are not in great demand as online product. Four year old domain and press coverage including NewYork Times mention are those factors that no doubt will help to push this website to some new levels of traffic and sales.

    We add this case study to our list of other drop ship businesses to illustrate that one can drop ship virtually any products – even those products that do not look like they will sell online at all – tapestry wall hangings and accessories.

    Another advantage of this type of product – low demand breeds low competition. And if you find that tapestry (or other products that do not enjoy huge popularity with e-tailers) is the kind of product to your liking, that you will enjoy selling and promoting this product line then it is worth a try neglecting relatively low demand. Just research those few products featured on the pages of this website – you can easily spot what products are good to sell online (in relation to demand and competition) and where to find those authentic wholesalers ready to dropship your orders directly to your customers.

    Tapestry Website For Sale

    Established with Loyal Customer Base

    Established: Fri Jun 30 2006
    Page views/month: 842
    Monthly Revenue: $64000 per year
    Google Pagerank: 4


    Sale of the Tapestry House (

    This is a notice of the intention to sell the above business. The Tapestry House is an online tapestry retailer, with an impressive range of products, and a mature, well-designed web presence. Our business model is drop shipping-based, and we have an excellent relationship with our suppliers, who are themselves well-established, mature businesses in their own right.

    The Tapestry House is an award-winning website, although has not yet been extensively promoted. The design of the website is bespoke, and it was exclusively designed to sell our range of products. This should be clear to discerning buyers from the well-ordered nature of the site, and the cleanness of the product pages in particular. Each product has been individually researched, with an individual description for every tapestry. It is worth noting the product descriptions are unique and owned exclusively by the Tapestry House, and therefore included. It has garnered the attentions of many, including being featured by the New York Times. It has also been extensively optimized for search engines, one of the main stipulations of its design from the beginning.

    It has not yet been extensively promoted online, as this was the next phase in our plan. To this end we have a range of custom-written articles on topic (i.e. tapestry related material) that would form the backbone of a sophisticated and highly targeted promotional campaign. These range from filler-type articles ideal for blogs, to more in-depth material for more substantial sites. In other words, we have a marketing campaign ready to go.

    With its origins in Medieval Europe, the tapestry market is already mature, and is only now beginning to move online as customers demand greater choice and range. The Tapestry House already carries a significantly wider range of products than many bricks and mortar stores, and is subsequently well-placed to meet the demands of this growing industry. Tapestry buyers themselves tend to be above average earners of discerning taste, and genuinely appreciate these elegant and dramatic works of art. As a consequence they sell themselves, and the site simply needs a company with the energy and know-how to serve this exciting and emerging market. Our profit margins for 2006/2007 were 36%, and this increased to 51% for 2007/2008. We also doubled our turnover through the last year despite no active promotion of the site at all. Our turnover for 2007/2008 was $64,000 approx. It is therefore well-placed to offer growth for companies with the energy to actively promote it. We invite all interested parties to browse through the Tapestry House to see for themselves the care, quality and dedication that has went into its development. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a sophisticated and well-positioned business that has far to run.

    Revenue Details:

    Income is from the sale of tapestry wall hangings and accessories.

    Traffic Details:

    Traffic comes from organic search engine results.

    Home Improvement Dropshipping
       June 23rd, 2007

    When you think about products that might work for your dropship business you can think of: Herbal Extracts Dropshippers, Turnkey Fishing Tackle Web Site Drop Ship, Dropship DeWALT, Dropshipping Pet Products, Computer Drop Shippers just to name a few.

    Check the below dropship lists for samples of these products (the lists charge membership fee, but it is worth every cent; added to that you can get FREE trial, preview, e-books, e-courses, videos – in fact all tools for running a profitable dropship business):

    There is one product category that is bulletproof if you can provide selection, prices and proper fulfillment to your potential buyers: home improvement dropshipping

    Dropship directory. FREE preview, free videos, free e-books. eBay certified

    Dropship wholesale products. 7-day FREE trial. eBay certified

    Over 250,00 Products to sell. FREE trial. eBay certified

    Real dropshippers REVEALED plus 10 step dropship crash course. Low cost fee

    Your home is your castle isn’t it? It is the model of the perfect world for many as your apartment may not be made especially for you, but you are the one who can create the atmosphere and décor in your home.

    Your kitchen, your bedroom, your sitting room and even your bathroom can become the reflection of yourself as you can decorate all the rooms in your home in the manner that you feel to be the best.

    Home improvement dropshipping is today developing quickly. What can that be you wonder, what are the products dropshippers can drop ship that have to do with home improvement? In fact they are numerous.

    What is there in your kitchen? There are various appliances like a cooker, a kettle, a mixer, a blender, coffee machine, toaster and what not. What else? There is a table, some plates and cups, a TV. But where are the things that make your kitchen as personal as it can be? Where are holders, stickers, plants, special mats and candles? If there are none yet, you may turn to a person that does home improvement dropshipping. If you cannot find such a drop shipper that is willing to sell such goods by retail you can turn to drop shippers’ directories and find the drop shipper you need there.

    Home improvement dropshipping is where many people are heading to. In all times it has been reasonable to do what pays off. No one will ever start doing a business if it is evident there will be no profit in the end. Dropshippers can drop ship several types of products at a time and therefore scale down the possible risks, home improvement dropshipping is what can hold down such risks most often.

    Isn’t a nicely decorated fruit bowl what you need to put in your kitchen to raise your spirits? Beautiful, hand made bamboo rag on the floor near the table at your balcony, isn’t that lovely? Just imagine you walk out of your home and there, in the garden is a nice stone furniture set that looks as if dates back to Romans times. You can have all that and much more if you consult your home improvement dropshipping agent.

    [tags]Home Improvement Dropshipping, dropshipping, drop ship, wholesale, internet marketing, affiliate marketing[/tags]

    Drop Ship Small Kitchen Appliances
       June 23rd, 2007

    We are what we eat and what we eat reveals what we are. Food is what no one can survive without and even the greatest people of all times depended on food. To have our meals we may cook them ourselves or we may prefer to eat out. Eating out is quite a pleasure because when we do so we know we can count on good food and good service however it is not always possible to eat out in the early morning when we have to go to work and have no patience to wait until a café or a restaurant nearby would open.

    Kitchen appliances are invented to make the process of cooking meals easier and more enjoyable, besides it saves time. Every kitchen of every house has at least a cooker and a kettle. These items are vital in every household. Then there are a lot of stuff that may seem less important but which in fact becomes a necessity after we have been using it for some time.

    The market of kitchen appliances in particular of small kitchen appliances is really developed. The competition is also tough but the requirements to the products are high and not all the producers that exist can in the end withstand.

    That is for that reason it is profitable to drop ship small kitchen appliances. There will always be a steady demand for such goods and therefore the sales should be at a nice level. However a lot depends on you. OK, but how to find those reliable and low cost kitchen appliance dropshippers? No doubt, it is the first and one of the most significant issues that you need to solve if you are about to start your own dropship business.

    Fortunately, you have a few options to choose from:

    - your own research for direct dropshippers (use Google or any search engine; another way to search for a dropship supplier – do it locally offline). Disadvantage of your own online search of small kitchen appliance dropship supplier is a high degree of dropship scam in this industry.

    - your own research of free dropship directories. Advantage – it is free vs disadvantage – most companies listed in this kind of directories are not verified (you are likely to get some sort of scam) and not competitive on the market.

    - get membership of some reputable dropship directory. Disadvantage – some sort of fee vs advantage – you get what you pay for. You can ask for a refund if you do not like what you get. ALL companies listed – verified. Most suppliers do not advertise their dropship services, so you get some kind of exclusive supplier. You also get competitive prices and customer support. The last advantage I should mention – you get a wide selection of products offered by dropship suppliers, so you can test this or that product and choose what works for you. At this time you would like to test to dropship  small kitchen appliances, but why not to test:

    Turnkey Fishing Tackle Web Site Drop Ship
    Dropship DeWALT
    Dropshipping Pet Products
    A Dropshipper of Electronics
    Computer Drop Shippers
    Drop Ship Zippo Lighters
    Magnetic Jewelry Wholesale Drop-Ship
    Indoor Gardening Supplies Dropshippers

    What are those reputable dropship directories? A few that I can recommend:

    Dropship directory. FREE preview, free video, free e-books

    Dropship wholesale products. 7-day FREE trial. eBay certified

    250,00 Products to sell. FREE trial

    Real dropshippers REVEALED plus 10 step dropship crash course

    Take time to browse their product categories, make use of their free preview and trial – you have nothing to lose.

    Before you start to drop ship small kitchen appliances you first of all have to decide what producers’ goods you are going to drop ship. That is a serious question therefore to answer it you need to make a market research and find out what brands are most reliable and demanded by the customers. After your research is done you think of the list of small kitchen appliances you are going to drop ship, at this point you will also have to make a lot of researching. And after all you try to decide what your target area is and to establish yourself there.

    [tags]Drop Ship Small Kitchen Appliances, dropshipping, drop ship, wholesale, internet marketing, affiliate marketing[/tags]


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