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  • Archive for the 'Miscellaneous Dropshippers' Category

    Dropship businesses & company lists

    8 000+ Verified wholesale dropshippers
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    1 200 000+ Products dropshipped + training
    Knife Dropshippers
       April 1st, 2009

    Our latest dropship case study – knife dropshipper affiliate. You are not likely to get rich selling knives online (sunless tan or PSP batteries & memory sticks unlikely to make fortune as well), but it is a good seller with high demand and it fits e-commerce perfectly.

    Knife product sourcing should be no problem – check with these companies, remember to sign up for a free trial

    Specialty Knife Ecommerce Site – Over 6,000 Brand Name Knives and Accessories – 1 to 2 Dropshippers

    An Established Yahoo Store with Sales – And Good SEO in Progress

    Established: Fri Oct 31 2008
    Page views/month: 6,366
    Monthly Revenue (USD): 465
    Uniques/Month: 1,694

    Description: is a Knife specialty ecommerce site built on the Yahoo Store Platform. Also Included is the domain and a Wordpress Blog that’s just been started.

    Many Hundreds of hours have gone into building and tweaking the website for SEO. Check us out on to see how well we’re doing.

    Our primary dropshipper offers over 25,000 premium products that can be added to the site to expand the offering. We initially focused on Knives in order to brand ourselves as a specialty website.

    We have not used PPC and instead have focused primarily on SEO and organic search results.

    The dropshipper is a large company that offers easy order entry, branded drop shipping, shipping e-mails directly to your customers, and online order status. These guys have just made a major investment in their ordering system, so they’re going to be around for a long time. They provide electronic content and images that anyone can learn to manage in order to maintain close to real time inventory levels in the store.

    The merchant account is through PayPal, which will make it easy for you to set up or you can add an existing merchant account to the website if you already have one. This business can be easily managed by 1 person.

    Opportunities for growth are excellent. You can add more products to the website, you can continue SEO efforts much more aggressively, you can maintain customer lists and create newsletters, you can run targeted sales, and you can sell the dropshippers products on other ecommerce platforms like Amazon Marketplace and Ebay Stores. You could also place Adsense ads on the website and blog to earn revenue.

    I have set a small reserve price, please don’t ask. I will consider all reasonable offers.

    The website opened for business in November 2008 with a real push in late December/early January to begin sales. I will provide training and support to the new owner for 30 days after the sale.

    Yahoo RTML pages are actually static pages that show up real well in Google search. We already have most of the site indexed by Google. Your monthly hosting fees will be $39.95 per month which includes the website, shopping cart, and business email accounts. Yahoo Store charges a 1.5% transaction fee with additional plans available at lower transaction fees.

    Revenue Details:

    The site earns money through the sale of Knives and related products.

    Traffic Details:

    Site visitor breakdown from Google Analytics (past 30 days):

    Search Engines 952.00 (58.23%) Referring Sites 428.00 (26.18%) Direct Traffic 255.00 (15.60%)

    Tactical Supply Dropshipper
       March 27th, 2009

    What about dropshipping products for real men?

    Something unlike:

    Clothes dropshipping
    Basket dropshipping
    Book dropshipping
    Handbags dropshipping
    Jewelry dropshipping

    But something like:

    Tactical Eyewear
    Tactical Apparel
    Tactical Footwear
    Protective Gear
    Tactical Knives
    Tactical Lighters
    Tactical Lighting
    Outdoor Gear
    Tactical Swords
    Tactical Tools
    Tactical Watches

    I admit that products are quite specific. No doubt, they have their audience and customers – a niche store that can make thousands with proper marketing. And I think it is possible to spot a merchant dropshipper of these products quite easily

    To tell the truth, it is one of the most professional dropship site designed I have ever seen. 90% dropship affiliate stores are amateur websites that I would never submit my credit card details to.

    Tactical Supply Website 4 Sale – 27,000 Products – Blog – Single Drop Shipper

    A premium ecommerce website offering a cutting edge design and programming.

    Established: Sun Nov 30 2008
    Uniques/Month: 583
    Page views/month: 1,668
    Monthly Revenue (USD): 45
    Min Bid: $5 000


    Elite Tactical Gear is a cutting edge ecommerce store, built on the world famous Yahoo! Store Platform. Elite Tactical is a high end Yahoo! Store that would take 6-8 months to build by a qualified Yahoo! Developer. The Website Design is a custom “original” design and if you compare this site to your “Tactical Gear” competition. You will blow them all away! The cost of building a site like this, not including adding a 27,000 product catalog would run in the thousands.

    Price: I have an amount reserve set. Don’t ask me what the reserve price is. If someone contact me and makes me an offer I will consider all reasonable offers.

    Drop Shipper: I have a relationship set-up with the drop shipper. An account set-up with this state-of-the-art company can be managed easily by one person.

    Reason Selling: Time Constraints

    Open for Business: Elite Tactical Gear was started December 2008. The Design, Programming and 27,000 product catalog was added and “Open for Business” of March 18. It has received a sale.

    Support: I have over 10 years experience with Yahoo! Stores. I am a Official Yahoo Small Business Developer. This fact should insure you that you will get all the support you need.

    Real Html Pages: Elite Tactical gear uses real .html pages or does it have long dynamically driven url that looks like Static HTML pages do extremely well on Search Engines. Yahoo! Store pages rank highest on the Internet.

    Programming: Yahoo Merchant Solutions is an RTML programmed website. RTML is a proprietary programming language used exclusively by Yahoo!’s Yahoo! Store and Yahoo! Site web hosting services. RTML outputs to HTML

    Payment: Serious bids & inquires only! We use an escrow service like

    Ecommerce Platform: Yahoo! Merchant Solutions

    Hosting Fees: Hosting Fees: 39.95 per month afterwards – includes site, cart, and complete website. 1.5% transaction fee with additional plans available at lower transaction fees.

    Transfer of Ownership: The ownership is through my company New Ad City LLC. Site can be transferred easily.

    Domain name: New owner assumes the rights to the domain name

    Yahoo! Backend Support: Elite Tactical Gear is fully supported from Yahoo! Merchant Solutions (backend and cart)

    Maintaining Inventory: Anyone that purchase this site will get information from me on how to maintain you ACTIVE product catalog seamlessly

    Image Hosting: All website and product images are hosted within the store. Yahoo! Store assigns each product image a unique ID. All main product images and additional inset images can be resized automatically using the Store Editor. Images can also be stored in the Store Editor Files Library. Web hosting Control Panel (ftp access available)

    Training: 30 days of Training and help with the website

    Training includes: Store Editor | Catalog Manager | Shipping Manager | Checkout Pages | Promotion | Coupon Manager and more.

    Revenue Details:

    Open for Business as of March 18th 2008. On sale so far.

    Traffic Details:

    Traffic Comes from Organic Search Engine results.

    Cremation Urns And Accessories Dropshipper
       January 10th, 2009

    Choosing the right product line to dropship is not an easy task – you should consider lots of variables to make (or at least to try to make) the right choice.

    Are these products good online sellers? How tough is the competition? How targeted is the niche you choose? Does the industry grow or is it shrinking? Do you feel personal liking to this sort of products? These are just a few things you should keep in mind in the process of researching a dropship business product category.

    The dropship business case in question is a dropship business that sells cremation urns for both – humans and pets. I am not familiar with the niche, but this sort of product sounds weird to me… On the other hand one can be sure that people always need this sort of product… Another question is that I strongly doubt that people turn to the Internet to buy stuff like that. Most people do not – I am certain.

    Unique Niche e-commerce Dropship Website

    Easy to maintain, low competition niche with huge potential

    •    URL:
    •    Established: Sun Feb 17 2008
    •    Uniques/Month: 916
    •    Page views/month: 7,700
    •    Monthly Revenue (USD): 1,215
    •    Google Pagerank: 0
    •    BIN: $15 000


    Holy Urns is a unique niche site that sells over 700 different cremation urns and accessories. It is built around the x-cart shopping cart script. The sale includes the transfer of the x-cart license to buyer. This is a very powerful program with many features and options. It includes the following options:
    1.    Advanced Order Management
    2.    X-Magnifier
    3.    Fancy Categories
    4.    X-Offer

    It has also been SEO optimized with XC SEO v1.4.0 and the latest x-cart update has been installed. If you’re not familiar with x-cart, the back office is very powerful with many features.

    All the information on the dropshipper is included. The sales & ordering process is fairly easy. You just log-in to their shopping cart, select the product and place the order. They take care of the shipping, stocking and returns.

    I spent many hours in researching what the competitors were selling the same or similar items for (Sales price) and what the funeral homes sell them for (list prices). So the prices listed are fairly competitive. The gross profit averages about 25% per sale based on my present sales price listing.

    I advertise with Google Adwords and about 50% of the traffic is pay-per-click. My average monthly PPC is about $95. I also did a linking campaign to get listed in about 530 directories.

    It is set-up to accept payments from PayPal, Google Check-out and Merchant Account. You’ll need to provide your own API’s but it is simple to set up. I also upload the data to Google Base on a weekly basis (recommended) as well as sitemap generation. Both are included in the x-cart back office.

    I also have contacts in Asia and India to purchase wholesale products if desired.

    Another upsell is the potential to split this into two separate markets. Right now I sell both human and pet cremation urns on the same site. If you split them into two separate markets as most sites do, you could potentially double your income. I already registered a website for the pet products (which I’ll include) as I had intended in building a separate site (

    Reason for Selling

    I presently have two other business ventures that require my immediate attention and focus. They both are doing very well to date and have very large profit potential compared to this market. The major venture revolves around building a local search directory network.

    There is definitely a huge potential with this site to generate a nice income. Most of the hard work is done. Just needs more content, back links, better PPC campaign, and creative marketing.

    Traffic Details:

    About 49% of traffic is PPC, 18% is Google Organic, 15% is Yahoo Organic, 5% is direct, 3% is MSN Organic and balance is from referral sites. I only bid on four main keywords in PPC (cremation urn, cremation urns, motorcycle urns and NASCAR urns). With a good adsense campaign your traffic should greatly improve.


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