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    Need traffic to your website? Get a cheap copywriter
       January 21st, 2007

    You want to increase your traffic? I do not doubt that.

    OK, as the title says get a cheap, I would say, the cheapest copywriter you can find. Not the best, not a good copywriter, but the cheapest one – a college student, an overseas freelancer, other kind of ideas go here.

    I have got this idea about a year back. Recently I have read a story of a webmaster who has increased his AdSense earnings from $10.00 to $800.00 per week – and that reminded me of that idea. It is not new and to tell the truth a boring (but efficient) technique. I have practiced it for some time, but it was not much fun and I dropped it. Now I think that it is worth hiring someone to do this job as it does not attract me, but the technique works.


    1. Conduct a proper keyword analysis – that is the core of the technique. You can certainly use this or this keyword research tools to start with. But we talk about a proper keyword research that will provide you with reliable information about number of searches and competitors (demand/ supply), will help you to make a list of misspellings, etc. WordTracker is a nice tool in this case.

    2. Hire a local college student or an overseas freelancer. The price – all that matters. You need the cheapest human (not automatic) content generator.

    3. Supply him with the list of keywords you have got as a result of your deep keyword research.

    Need traffic to your website? Get a cheap copywriter

    4. Instruct that person: you need to write articles focused around each of the keyword phrase. The articles should be 100% unique (copyscape tool will control you), 300-400 words. You should mention the article title in the text, use references to your other articles with proper anchor text, etc…

    5. Design a landing page properly optimized (yes, it is a PPC term applicable for this organic optimization technique). The layout to the left is quite good:

    6. Publish those articles after making the required changes (on-page optimization) and interlinking them into the website structure.

    7. Wait for a few months for any effect (= traffic increase).

    Summary: I should mention that this technique is not applicable to all websites (unfortunately). It works fine with good and established websites that are online for a couple of years.

    Will it (‘artificial content’) damage the image of your website? I do not think so. You can keep running the website the way you do it now adding valuable content, services and tools.

    [tags]copywriter, content, seo, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, make money online, earn your living online[/tags]

    How to optimize videos and images
       January 15th, 2007

    Videos gain their popularity on a daily basis (Ways To Make Social Sites Pay) and promise to be the top online trend in 2007. Images are an integral part of websites for ages. They add value to your websites, but can also generate traffic if you properly optimize them.

    A nice selection of the tips that were published recently includes a few simple, but efficient ways:

    How to optimize videos:
    • Capitalize on metadata content: Titles and descriptions for video are heavily weighted by the engines. Use them wisely.
    • Encode your video using multiple file types for ease of download and viral spreading. Don’t forget the ipod revolution.
    • Piggyback on popular content or news items.
    • Watermark. Watermark. Watermark.
    • Proliferate your content on the video engines.
    • Embed auto refresh tricks into your video to update your content. The engines will reward for recency, although they primarily reward for relevancy.
    • Research. Test. Study results. Find out why your content ranks well. Then replicate it.
    • Rely on your favorite keyword research tools. They work equally well for video. Pay attention—if you don’t already—to YahooBuzz for keyword suggestions. It’s current. It’s fast. And it’s underused so you’ll have a leg up.
    • Play both types of engines-content and video. Optimize your clips for ripe terms to capture your niche market and the broader video search terms.
    • Hook up RSS and Atom feeds.
    How to optimize images:
    • Image originality. The panelists agree that there is a special advantage to taking original photos, even if you are a retailer who already receives photos elsewhere such as from a manufacturer. “The more control you have over the images on your site the better.” says Evans. “You can brand them with your logo, url or trademark. It also allows you as the retailer to present the product in the best possible way that will convert with your own audience, not to mention allowing you to present the features in a different way than other competitors.
    • Image quality. Start off with good quality pictures, and make necessary resolution adjustments between your full size images and your thumbnails. Smith mentions that pictures with good contrast tend to work better. “When they’re reduced down to the thumbnail size, stronger contrast is needed to better discern image, which will lead to more people clicking and linking to image.” he says.
    • Image formatting. Thurow advises saving photos as JPG files, and other graphic image types as GIFs “Search engines are going to interpret a GIF as a standard graphic image with 256 colors,” Thurow said, “and JPGs as photos (because photos have millions of colors.” says said Shari Thurow, Webmaster and Marketing Director at Grantastic Designs, Inc..
    • Image naming. “Make the image names of your files match what is actually represented in the file,” says Thurow. “The image name will appear beneath the graphic image in search results. It helps to communicate to searchers that they are viewing the desired graphic image. “Do NOT expect your photo editing program’s default settings to give you optimized file names,” she continued. “Default names communicate nothing to the search engines on their own. Make sure to set up your own file naming structure in advance.”
    • Tagging - More content is “King” It’s a given to make sure that your images match the actual products and keywords you place in there, along with ample descriptions of what you’re featuring. But you should also take full advantage of the many special contextual tags for social sites with image search. Not only are image names given more weight than regular search results, but you can also add special tags such as captions, comments, cross-grouping, location, and themes.
    • Expand audience base. Be broad in your subject matter. Image search is not just for retailers directly reaching customers. “There are all sorts of innovative ways you can get people interested in your company and hence build up traffic and conversions. For example, factories might show steps in product manufactures, hotels might show furniture & decorative art in addition to details on their rooms, and restaurants might show picturesque views or special event rooms.”
    • Optimize the page with the image. Optimize the page the image appears on can be just as important as optimizing the image itself. “Optimizing the actual page for contextual search improves graphic images search,” Thurow added. “Search engines also look at text surrounding a graphic image to determine relevancy.” says Thurow. “Text within the anchor tag and next to anchor text is especially going to influence image-search rankings,” said Thurow. “If you can reasonably put labels and captions on key graphic images, try and do so.”
    • File organization. Both Evans and Thurow mentioned of crucial importance is creating an image folder on your web server space that’s accessible to the search engines. “Do not robots exclude your graphic images directory or limit search engine access to graphic-image files.” says Thurow. Another big mistake people make is putting their ‘click to see larger image’ inside of a JavaScript link. When you do that, you are limiting search engines’ access to that image file.”
    • Usability is “Queen”. According to Thurow, usability is very important in image search optimization. “It’s one thing for a graphic image to show up at the top of image search results,” she said. “It’s another thing to get people to click on the link to the image and go to your site. Writing alternative text (which shows up in Google Image search results) that is keyword stuffed is not going to inspire people to click on the link in that image to your site.” Smith also added that sometimes adding a not directly onto a region of a photo can invite users to comment and participate.”
    • Freshness. Smith recommends that if you’re targeting high popularity keywords, try experimenting with re-uploading your pix, since image freshness is a contextual clue for the search engines and might affect relevancy.

    Summary: I think the above tips are valuable for most website owners – I do not know a single website that does not use images. And I think it will be true about videos just in a few years.

    [tags]how to optimize images, how to optimize videos, seo, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, make money online, home based job, earn your living online[/tags]

    Digg effect: achieve it with digg clubs
       November 23rd, 2006 is no doubt one of the most popular social websites at this time. If you are lucky to get your website article to its home page – be prepared for digg effect: your website will get tons of traffic.

    Yes, it is short time effect, with no many affiliate income generated. But it is still traffic every webmaster dreams about. In addition to that there is a good chance that your website will get a bunch of natural links. In a word, is one of the social websites hot at this nowadays and worth your time and efforts.

    How can you get to home page? It is not an easy task. To start with, you can read Top Digg user recommendations But from my experience I know you need a back up of other users. And this point is shared by other people: Top 100 Digg Users Control 56% of Digg’s HomePage Content

    Kevin Rose, founder, has recommended a few times in his interviews to ask friends to digg you articles. ‘You digg me I digg you’ clubs are yet due to some reasons not acceptable. I am tempted to join this sort of club each time I come across one. The other day I have stumbled into this website. It covers more social websites than just

    Feeling buried by Digg?
    Unread on Reddit?
    Can’t rate on Netscape?

    Summary: Probably artificial way to boost your digg submissions are not ethical. But why are they recommended by the service founder? I think he sees it in a different light and consider digging by friends and by clubs differently.

    Do these clubs work? I am not sure yet as I did not try it, but when I scan top digg entries I often have a feeling that only some external help could secure a top place for that sort of information.

    [tags]digg, digg clubs, Kevin Rose, social websites, seo, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, make money online, home based job, earn your living online[/tags]


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