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  • Archive for the 'Sports Goods Dropshippers' Category

    Dropship businesses & company lists

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    Bicycle Dropshipper
       May 24th, 2009

    Bicycle DropshipperIf you review our previous posts you will see that I most focus on two types of posts:

    - Real life dropship case studies – what people dropship, how they promote and what they earn.
    - Ideas for products to dropship – bratz dropship and blue ray DVD dropship are a few examples.

    I have never turned to seasonal products yet – and to tell the truth, I have no experience with that type of products. Say – bicycle dropshipping. I am sure that there is demand for that type of products – to make sure I will check with a few tools. We see those search demand waves reminding us that we really deal with a seasonal type of product.

    What about the supply? It makes no sense to move further if you are not sure you have a selection of verified dropshippers – I do not mean those that you get in Google when you type in ‘bicycle dropshippper’. I talk about the companies that are experienced with dropshipping and have some track record

    I turn to the lists of reputable dropshippers and see that one lists no products I need and another offers them in abundance:

    Drop Ship Wholesalers


    Light Bulk Wholesalers


    Instant Import Buys


    Liquidation Auctions


    Along with the number of supplies I get some cool online market research – demand, competition, auction and retail pricing numbers. I do not rely on this data only, but it is really of great help to have a look into the product category where you have no experience.

    Next – I turn to another dropship list and see six more potential bicycle dropship merchants that are presented in this way:

    Bicycle Supplier – Join for Supplier Name & Website
    Visit Website | More Information
    Products: Summit Adult Trike, Kruzer King, Summit Industrial Bike.
    Description: Distributor of bicycle products representing the top names in the industry, like Shimano, SRAM, Thomson.

    Then I need to develop a marketing strategy. In my case I am not in a hurry with this project and I do not have a large budget at the moment. So, I would choose one of the cheap online bicycle dropship business strategies:

    Launch a separate e-commerce website adding a few incoming links and growing content by 3-4 pages monthly. No PPC advertising, no e-mail marketing, no CPM banner advertising, no eBay auctions. I will start the website and assign min monthly time to update/ promote it. I hope the site will be properly indexed and gain some search engine rankings for the next peak of bicycle sales – in Jule 2010.

    Sports Goods Dropshipper
       April 20th, 2009

    Quite specific products – basketball hoops and goals dropshipping, but 100% organic traffic and high ticket products make this dropship site unique.

    Looking for the Perfect Drop Ship Business?

    Fun, Established Business in a Highly Profitable Market

    Established: Thu Jul 31 2008
    Uniques/Month: 500
    Page views/month: 1,600
    Monthly Revenue (USD): 3,000
    Google Pagerank: 1
    BIN: 35 000$


    Are you looking for the perfect dropship website to take over and run with? You may have just found it! This site sells basketball hoops and goals (both residential and institutional) which is an extremely fun and profitable market to sell to. This site has huge potential, as other sites I’ve built on these same solid principles are doing quite well. The site has been designed and programmed, products added with descriptions, the shopping cart is customized and ready, and most importantly it’s extremely SEO friendly. This website is built on the popular Yahoo Store platform and is loaded with all the helpful features you need to succeed. It’s extremely easy to run and update. You don’t need to know a lick of HTML.

    This site has already had a steady amount of sales (12K) for being such a new site and has made some nice profits. We didn’t even get the cart live until January and have had a handful of sales since. (We even received an order before we had the cart up and live!) We decided to sell this site as we’re just so busy with all of our other websites and projects and haven’t been able to spend the amount of time optimizing this site as we should be.

    Facilities: None, all you need is a computer.

    Competition: As with any website, your competition is whoever is currently on the first 2 pages of the search engines, primarily Google, for both the organic and paid listings. That’s all you really need to worry about. The only negative thing I can think of is that it usually takes 3-6 months to really start to gain some steam in the search engines.

    Growth/Expansion: There are several more manufacturers’ products that you can add to the site. From portable hoops for the driveway to high end institutional basketball systems, the sky is the limit.

    Support/Training: We will provide mutually agreeable training and support. However, the Yahoo Store platform is so easy to operate you really won’t need much help after we walk you through it.

    Reason Selling: Not enough time.

    Revenue Details:

    This site sells basketball hoops and goals that are drop shipped from the manufacturers. Total sales to date is $12,013, with all but 1 sale coming since 1/2009 as that’s when we officially got the cart functioning and launched the site. The site was up and indexed before that and we took an order over the phone in the fall of 08.

    Traffic Details:

    All of the site’s traffic has been 100% organic, with over 50% of the traffic coming from Google. Because of a lack of time we haven’t been applying all of the SEO strategies we typically would and there is a huge opportunity for the new owner to drive this site to the top of the search engines as it now has a few months age behind it as well. Other opportunities for the new owner would be to explore PPC, comparison shopping engines, etc.

    Pool Products Dropshipper
       February 7th, 2009

    Pool Products DropshipperI am amazed at the variety of products people dropship online: basket dropshippers, auto accessory dropshippers, playstation dropshippers, Halloween costumes dropshippers, men apparel dropshippers, sunglasses dropshippers, and etc…

    It takes market knowledge to research this sort of goods and find a way to make money selling them online.

    I admit it is not the best time (due to the financial crisis) to invest lots of money into dropship ventures, but one can easily start a drophip project on a shoestring – just as a part time hobby that will cost you 50-100 dollars monthly or probably less. We all hope that the bad times will pass soon and it is a good idea to meet better times with established projects.

    Today we introduce a new case study – a dropship site selling pool products with $10,000+ monthly revenue. See those elements that make a successful dropship project – products in demand, a reliable dropshipper, a pro design, proper promotion to get traffic and reach the targeted audience…

    Pool Products Dropshipper

    One page checkout, SEO-friendly, TONS of features!

    •    URL:
    •    Established: Wed Oct 31 2007
    •    Uniques/Month: 3,000
    •    Page views/month: 12,000
    •    Monthly Revenue (USD): 10,000
    •    Google Pagerank: 2
    •    Min Bid: $15 000


    This auction is for an established pool products eCommerce website!  The site is built on a highly customized version of ASPDotNetStoreFront and includes a one page checkout, mini cart, ALL on page seo elements, easy to use admin, content management system, and many more.

    As you’ll see in the stats, the biggest traffic and revenue months are right around the corner.  Traffic and revenue EXPLODES for this industry once it starts to get warm out.  There are still plenty of opportunities in the off season not only for just the warmer parts of the US but also for pool closing kits, winter covers, etc.

    This is a turn key business ready to run!  All items are drop shipped from a single distributor – there are about 500 products on the site now – but you can easily upload many, many more.  There are also plenty of other drop shippers out there for the pool products industry. The design is 100% unique, standards based and HOT!  This is a great looking design with tons of features, including a 1 page checkout – you’ll get a much better idea just by browsing the site for yourself.

    We have revenue, traffic and conversion stats listed below.  Additional stats may be provided upon request.

    Revenue Stats

    March 2008 – $2,383
    April 2008 – $5,453
    May 2008 – $14,206
    June 2008 – $27,736
    July 2008 – $16,697
    August 2008 – $12,296
    September 2008 – $15,874
    October 2008 – $11,240
    November 2008 – $6,181
    December 2008   – $501.54
    January 2009 – $1,684.37

    Total Traffic Stats

    March 2008 – 2,752
    April 2008 – 3,728
    May 2008 – 6,681
    June 2008 – 7,594
    July 2008 – 4,709
    August 2008 – 3,518
    September 2008 – 2,388
    October 2008 – 1,704
    November 2008 – 1,252
    December 2008 – 1,160
    January 2009 – 1,057

    Conversion Rate

    March ’08 to January ‘09 – 1.09%

    Revenue is a mix from organic and PPC.  PPC campaigns were small and never more than $5k/month.  This is another HUGE area for growth.  With our clients small budget, they were barely even hitting the tip of the market … you could spend hundreds of thousands per month on PPC in this industry!  More PPC details available upon request.

    Why Were Selling:

    We build and managed this site for a client who is no longer interested in the site due to lack of time and many other business ventures.  We’ve spent a LOT of time building and maintaining the site and would like to see it go into good hands.

    Revenue Details:

    See stats within listing for details.  Screenshots provided upon request.

    Traffic Details:



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