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  • Archive for the 'Swords Dropshippers' Category

    Dropship businesses & company lists

    8 000+ Verified wholesale dropshippers
    6 000 000+ Products to sell on eBay/ your store
    1 200 000+ Products dropshipped + training
    Tactical Supply Dropshipper
       March 27th, 2009

    What about dropshipping products for real men?

    Something unlike:

    Clothes dropshipping
    Basket dropshipping
    Book dropshipping
    Handbags dropshipping
    Jewelry dropshipping

    But something like:

    Tactical Eyewear
    Tactical Apparel
    Tactical Footwear
    Protective Gear
    Tactical Knives
    Tactical Lighters
    Tactical Lighting
    Outdoor Gear
    Tactical Swords
    Tactical Tools
    Tactical Watches

    I admit that products are quite specific. No doubt, they have their audience and customers – a niche store that can make thousands with proper marketing. And I think it is possible to spot a merchant dropshipper of these products quite easily

    To tell the truth, it is one of the most professional dropship site designed I have ever seen. 90% dropship affiliate stores are amateur websites that I would never submit my credit card details to.

    Tactical Supply Website 4 Sale – 27,000 Products – Blog – Single Drop Shipper

    A premium ecommerce website offering a cutting edge design and programming.

    Established: Sun Nov 30 2008
    Uniques/Month: 583
    Page views/month: 1,668
    Monthly Revenue (USD): 45
    Min Bid: $5 000


    Elite Tactical Gear is a cutting edge ecommerce store, built on the world famous Yahoo! Store Platform. Elite Tactical is a high end Yahoo! Store that would take 6-8 months to build by a qualified Yahoo! Developer. The Website Design is a custom “original” design and if you compare this site to your “Tactical Gear” competition. You will blow them all away! The cost of building a site like this, not including adding a 27,000 product catalog would run in the thousands.

    Price: I have an amount reserve set. Don’t ask me what the reserve price is. If someone contact me and makes me an offer I will consider all reasonable offers.

    Drop Shipper: I have a relationship set-up with the drop shipper. An account set-up with this state-of-the-art company can be managed easily by one person.

    Reason Selling: Time Constraints

    Open for Business: Elite Tactical Gear was started December 2008. The Design, Programming and 27,000 product catalog was added and “Open for Business” of March 18. It has received a sale.

    Support: I have over 10 years experience with Yahoo! Stores. I am a Official Yahoo Small Business Developer. This fact should insure you that you will get all the support you need.

    Real Html Pages: Elite Tactical gear uses real .html pages or does it have long dynamically driven url that looks like Static HTML pages do extremely well on Search Engines. Yahoo! Store pages rank highest on the Internet.

    Programming: Yahoo Merchant Solutions is an RTML programmed website. RTML is a proprietary programming language used exclusively by Yahoo!’s Yahoo! Store and Yahoo! Site web hosting services. RTML outputs to HTML

    Payment: Serious bids & inquires only! We use an escrow service like

    Ecommerce Platform: Yahoo! Merchant Solutions

    Hosting Fees: Hosting Fees: 39.95 per month afterwards – includes site, cart, and complete website. 1.5% transaction fee with additional plans available at lower transaction fees.

    Transfer of Ownership: The ownership is through my company New Ad City LLC. Site can be transferred easily.

    Domain name: New owner assumes the rights to the domain name

    Yahoo! Backend Support: Elite Tactical Gear is fully supported from Yahoo! Merchant Solutions (backend and cart)

    Maintaining Inventory: Anyone that purchase this site will get information from me on how to maintain you ACTIVE product catalog seamlessly

    Image Hosting: All website and product images are hosted within the store. Yahoo! Store assigns each product image a unique ID. All main product images and additional inset images can be resized automatically using the Store Editor. Images can also be stored in the Store Editor Files Library. Web hosting Control Panel (ftp access available)

    Training: 30 days of Training and help with the website

    Training includes: Store Editor | Catalog Manager | Shipping Manager | Checkout Pages | Promotion | Coupon Manager and more.

    Revenue Details:

    Open for Business as of March 18th 2008. On sale so far.

    Traffic Details:

    Traffic Comes from Organic Search Engine results.

    Dropship Swords Online
       August 26th, 2008

    Here comes another dropship business case study. The website was successfully sold for $35 000 – there are people confident that dropship business is a lasting business model to invest funds into a website like that

    As always I recommend going through our dropship case study categorymore products ideas, more techniques how to promote those products.

    To tell the truth, I am impressed with the dropship site in question performance. Launched just 10 months ago and with min paid advertising it shows great results. If we assume tat all information is authentic then probably the success keys are proper product research and quality SEO.

    Swords are not high price tickets most comes in the range of $20-80.00: so one needs to sell LOTS of swords to make 7K monthly.

    And what about the targeted audience? Fast check shows us that top audience is females (58%) aged under 18 (25%). Well I guess I need to better follow what products teenagers and kids find interesting nowadays…

    Sell Swords Online – $7k+ Revenue/month

    Strong PR4, 1,670 Indexed Pages, Many Top 10 Keywords

    •    URL:
    •    Established: Sun Sep 30 2007
    •    Uniques/Month: 20,000
    •    Page views/month: 155,000
    •    Monthly Revenue: $7,716.98
    •    Google Pagerank: 4


    You do not want to miss this outstanding opportunity! It is 100% dropship business.

    This terrific site opened its doors last October and since then it has continued to increase its revenue.

    The site ranks very high in Google for dozens of terms; I’ll list a small portion of them here:

    # 2 for Bleach Swords
    # 3 for Anime Swords
    # 3 for Fantasy Swords
    # 5 for Video Game Swords

    Many interior pages carry Page Rank, some of which are PR3.

    Expenses are very low, July’s expenses were $294.53 which is broken down below:

    AdWords $119.53

    Toll Free Answering Service $175 (they answer the phones, take orders, etc.)

    Of course, Cost of Goods Sold is also an expense. My markup is about 50%.

    Visitors since the beginning of the year are as follows:

    Jan. 9,979
    Feb. 12,651
    March 15,795
    April 16,496
    May 23,065
    June 23,536
    July 22,948

    As you can see, this site has a steady income stream and huge potential to make even more.

    Why am I selling? I am recently engaged; planning for the wedding is taking up a lot of my time so I do not have the capacity to keep growing the business. And since we have to pay for the wedding ourselves, I really need the money.

    Revenue Details:

    Jan. $2,555.91
    Feb. $2,411.36
    March $4,597.29
    April $4,148.04
    May $7,382.83
    June $7,296.99
    July $7,716.98

    Traffic Details:

    The site has many repeat buyers!

    11.26% Direct Traffic
    26.77% Referring Sites
    61.97% Search Engines

    Dropship Swords
       February 9th, 2008

    Our readers could see a wide variety of dropship sites that sell (successfully) various products online.

    Today’s case study – a drop ship business selling swords. Yes, it is possible to make money dropshipping this sort of products. Read the below to see how to do this and how much you can expect to make in the long run.

    If you feel all you miss is just a bunch of verified dropship suppliers – here is a comparison of top product sourcing catalogs – you can also get more information by checking the separate reviews.

    Ok, here comes our latest case studies – more to come soon.

    $1,000+/Month Profit, PR4 Site, Drop Ship Business – Selling Swords!

    Over 8k Visitors Last Month, Many Top Ten Rankings in Google

    •    URL:
    •    Established: 28 Feb 2007
    •    Uniques/Month: 8,478
    •    Page views/month: 58,168
    •    Monthly Revenue: $2,487 – $3,109
    •    PageRank: 4
    •    Min bid: $18 000
    •    BIN: $43 000


    You are bidding on a successful and growing drop ship business. The site mainly sells swords, of all kinds, but also sells other related items such as helmets, axes, etc.

    The domain name was registered on 2/28/07 and the store actually opened its doors on October 1st, 2007. Since then the site has had steady growth.

    Here is a quick visitor count break down:
    October: 2,112
    November: 3,772
    December: 5,929
    January: 9,979

    The site ranks very well in Google, having at least 13 top ten listings. Most searches provide double listings in Google. A few noteworthy keyword examples and their position in Google:

    #3 for anime swords
    #3 for kadaj sword
    #5 for fantasy swords

    The site has over 1,000 indexed pages according to Yahoo Site Explorer and over 100 keyword targeted backlinks.

    Site is built using X-Cart version 4.1.8
    The following add-ons have been purchased for X-Cart and are currently in use:
    Batch Product Update Mod – allows for editing multiple items at once.
    Category Meta Title Mod – allows for custom category page title tags.
    Newest Products Mod – allows recently added products to show up in one place;

    Since this site is built on X-Cart, it is 100% customizable to your preferences. If you don’t like the layout, the color scheme, or anything else you can simply change it. The X-Cart forums are very active and helpful. They have answered all of my questions and helped me customize the site. I will transfer my X-Cart forum access to the buyer.

    Site is hosted at GoDaddy; hosting will expire on 12/4/08. The domain is registered through GoDaddy and will expire on 2/28/09. The SSL certificate was also purchased through GoDaddy and will expire on 8/9/08. Each of these has been paid for through the expiration date. There are currently two email addresses attached to the domain. One is for general information and the other is for returns (as of today, there has only been one return).

    There is a toll free number attached to the site. The call volume is very low; the cost of the number itself is also extremely low. At your option, you could forward all incoming calls to a voice message and call them back at your leisure; or you can get rid of the number all together if desired.

    The site accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. Currently the site uses to process the credit card payments.

    Currently, the site has a relationship with six (6) drop ship vendors. I will notify each one of the vendors personally regarding the transfer of ownership. The site currently has 234 products for sell, this is not even 1/10 of the available inventory from each vendor. This is because all of the product descriptions are 100% unique. This isn’t just another generic drop ship site; the unique content is what continuously grows the site as Google loves fresh and unique content.

    All items have 100% unique descriptions; each description was written specifically for this site. A lot of the images are unique as well; all images have a ‘watermark’ identifying them as belonging to this site. I usually upload between 5 – 20 new products on the weekend. This can take between 1 – 4 hours accordingly. I have written some of the descriptions myself but I find it a better use of my time to pay a real writer and simply upload their content.

    The site is growing in popularity both with customers and with the search engines. I am starting to get repeat business which is very good. Also, previous customers are starting to talk about the site in forums and on their blogs.

    Markup is around 50%. A few items have more markup and some have less, but you should expect to make around 50% profit on each order. Last month saw $1,277 in profit; $2,555 gross revenue.

    Revenue Details:

    Average Order Value: $68.33
    Avg. 30 – 45 orders per month

    This is a real business; work will need to be done on your part unless you plan on outsourcing. Having said that, the work is very minimal. When an order comes in you will be notified via email or you can simply login to the store interface. The email notification will contain the actual invoice so all the needed information is at your fingertips. Typically, after receiving an order notification email simply proceed to the vendor’s website and make the purchase, using the customer’s information as the shipping address. One vendor requires an email instead of logging in to their site. Half of the vendors email the customer their tracking number and the other half will email the information to you for you to forward it to your customer. This typically takes about thirty minutes per day, depending on the number of orders that come in.

    Traffic Details:

    Overall Stats:
    7.97% Direct Traffic
    18.17% Referring Sites
    73.84% Search Engines

    Google Organic 36.98%
    Yahoo Organic 16.91%


    8,000 Pre-Screened Legitimate Wholesalers

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