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  • Archive for the 'Sunglasses Dropshippers' Category

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    Oakley Dropship
       March 16th, 2009

    Oakley Dropship We focused our analysis on separate products in our past articles:

    Diamond Dropshippers
    Jigsaw Puzzle Drop Shippers
    Coffee Dropship
    Feng Shui Drop Ship
    Diaper Bags Dropshipper

    We also follow dropship sites that come on sale so that we could discover profitable markets and products, a few recent case studies include:

    Anime Dropshippers
    Playstation Dropshipper
    Pool Products Dropshipper
    Basket Dropshipper
    Dash Kits Auto Accessory Dropshipper
    Men Apparel Dropshipper
    Waterproof Photo/ Video Housings Dropshipper

    There is another way to discover products to profitably dropship and combine the results of the research with the offers that come from the top product sourcing channels available on the market – research based on the brand. Brands rule the world – we need just find a brand perfect for our dropship business.

    We chose Oakley for our test analysis:

    Decades of Oakley innovation have been awarded more than 540 patents that elevate physics to the level of art. Technologies transcend sports to enhance the lives of consumers, and more than 110 countries now enjoy a full array of market-leading products including premium sunglasses, goggles, prescription eyewear, apparel, footwear and accessories. These products represent our commitment to excellence — a passion that redefines what is possible for those who defy their own limits.

    Premium sunglasses, goggles, prescription eyewear, apparel, footwear and accessories – perfect products for online business mixed with top quality and brand recognition.

    Demand is steadily high over years

    Rising searches

    oakley gascan


    oakley crowbar


    oakley radar


    tenis oakley


    oculos oakley


    oakley military


    oakley ca


    oakley gloves


    oakley brasil


    ray ban


    Another step for demand research – let’s see what keyword research tool has to say about our Oakley dropship idea:

    Keywords (Showing 1-20 of 664)








    oakley sunglasses




    annie oakley




    oakley goggles




    oakley watch




    james oakley frazier



    Oakley Dropship

    oakley electonics



    Oakley Dropship

    gysgt jonathan a oakley



    Oakley Dropship

    oakley basche decristofaro



    Oakley Dropship

    oakley hockey visor



    Oakley Dropship

    oakley football visor



    Oakley Dropship

    toy stores in cincinnati ohio oakley



    Oakley Dropship

    replica oakley



    Oakley Dropship

    oakley glasses nanowire on sale



    Oakley Dropship

    gafas sol oakley



    Oakley Dropship

    fake oakley




    oakley awire



    Oakley Dropship

    oakley glasses on sale



    Oakley Dropship

    oakley sun glasses



    Oakley Dropship

    oakley replacement lenses m frame



    Oakley Dropship

    Many keywords searched, but I should admit that competition is tough.

    Remember to check popular products on eBay

    The above few steps take 2-3 minutes, but you get some idea about demand. KEI indicator helps to get and idea about competition. Take one more step and browse Google top results to see who is in Google top 10 for 5-10 keywords – any chance to get there if you choose to develop an online store? Now we are aware of the competition.

    OK, time to make some conclusions. I hope you have got the idea of analyzing products to dropship by brand.

    I do not think I will try Oakley dropship right away – I would continue research comparing Oakley products pricing available from dropship merchants, do some eBay testing, get into the know of Oakley products – and then make a decision.

    Sunglasses Dropshipper
       December 7th, 2008

    To tell the truth, I do not like the idea to push seasonal products like Halloween costumes or… sunglasses. Though you enjoy a nice growth in traffic and sales for a couple of months per year you are likely to feel discomfort (to put it mildly) for the rest of year with a few sales coming in weekly.

    If you are serious about online e-commerce and able to run properly a few dropship stores than you probably should not neglect seasonal products

    I know there is no problem in fact to find a good dropshipper fulfilling your sunglasses orders. And if you carefully read the below dropship business case you will discover that there is a good demand and relatively low supply of these products online = open BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.

    You will also discover that sometimes it is a pure luck that helps you to find a profitable online niche (not a thorough market research). Another point to pay attention to – converting sales pages. Though here we talk a lot about marketing your dropship online stores with PPC, SEO incl. link building, social media, CPM, etc, we did not discuss yet how to properly turn a visitor into a buyer. Conversion is one of the key online dropship business indicators and one should know basis and advanced techniques to make most of each website visitor.

    $4000/month Net Profit AND GROWING – Designer Sunglasses Shop – Low Maintenance – TOP Google Rankings – EXPLOSIVE GROWTH

    Premium Design, Top Rankings in Google for High-Converting Long Tail Keywords, Explosive Growth

    •    URL:
    •    Established: Thu Jul 31 2008
    •    Monthly Revenue (USD): 6,000
    •    BIN: $ 25 000


    This website is very easy to maintain. As clique as it sounds, we’re actually victims of our own success.

    The website has experienced tremendous growth in both traffic and income as evidenced by our attached screenshots.

    We think it’s in our best financial interests to sell because we probably don’t have the business experience to run this website effectively even if we partnered with a warehouse owner. Finally, we also need funds to get our new SEO firm, WebReinvent, off the ground.

    We actually “stumbled” on the sunglasses market because we were doing SEO for two eyewear companies and noticed how poorly structured their SEO campaigns were. We came to notice that there wasn’t anyone in the sunglasses industry doing proper SEO. We decided to capitalize on this and take over this market using our SEO prowess.


    Income is generated by e-commerce sales that are dropshipped. We have a 66% profit margin.

    We also mark up the prices quite a bit. How do we get away with this?

    Pricing is not the ONLY factor in conversions. We have built high-converting pages that generate good sales figures.

    Also, we rank #1 for hundreds of keywords on Google, Froogle, and other search engines, which drives up our conversion rates a ton. We are ranking #1 for long-tail keywords, and if you know anything about marketing/SEO, you know that long-tail keywords are the REAL income generators, not generic keywords like “sunglasses.”

    Here is a month by month income breakdown:

    Net Profit (After 66% Dropship Margins)

    August: $285.12 (just launched)
    September: $3981.12
    October: $4319.04
    November: $3723 (so far, expecting $4000+)


    $350/month for maintenance, website management, etc.

    So you might be asking: you say there’s tremendous growth, but November looks like it’ll be the same as October?

    Yes, and there’s a reason for that. We were tinkering with the SEO URLs so hundreds of pages that were ranking #1 on Google turned out to be 404 errors for a couple weeks. Otherwise, we should have FAR surpassed October’s profit levels.

    Our actual revenues (before dropship margins) are actually closer to $6000/month. ($6000 in Sept, $6500 in Oct)

    Unfortunately, one of our employees yesterday deleted all of our customers list by accident. Our customer list is the only proof we have of income, but we’ve attached everything that was left. If new sales are generated and you need new screenshots, we’ll be happy to assist you. We have tons of proof in other areas (all of our #1 search rankings for example, which we’ll show you later) and a single screenshot should not be the reason to buy/not buy anyways because a lot of people just doctor screenshots.

    Our Store

    Our store features 3,000+ products from the 9 most popular brands.

    It is very easy to update, add, delete, apply discounts, change product details etc via a simple Excel File.

    We have 10 online payment gateways already setup.

    You can also generate very friendly invoice for customers as well as sellers (Administrator), user can review pending orders, etc.

    Also, we have “product zooming” which is designed to capture the attention of the visitor to the product, which is just one of the many features we’ve implemented which sends our conversion rates skyrocketing.

    So everything as far as the storefront and website go is pretty much setup for you already. Not much work to do on your part; we can help you move it all over.

    SEO and Growth

    We are STILL doing SEO for this website.

    About 70% of our traffic is from search engines so it’s solid.

    At the time of this writing, Google has only indexed about 200 of our pages. We have 3000 products available. This means we have a total of 3000+ pages, and only 200 are indexed so far.

    So with only 200 indexed pages, and we’re doing $4000/month net, you can do the math and see where we’d be with 3000 indexed pages (just multiply income by 15 if you’re bad at math).

    The best part is, the majority of the traffic we get is USA traffic, which, once again, shows we are getting HIGH QUALITY, HIGH CONVERTING traffic.

    How can you have low traffic and make so much money?

    First of all, traffic is exploding and not technically “low.” Please see the attached screenshot showing exponential traffic growth. The reason we have such a high income-traffic ratio is all due to marketing. It’s all about our conversion rates. We rank #1 for several long-tail keywords. For example, we rank #1 for “Gucci 1815 Sunglasses”. These searchers are searching for this EXACT model, and once they find our page (and our page will be the first to be found), they will place a $267 order. Now multiply this hundreds of dollars per order by all the other products we rank #1 for and you will see why our revenue is so high.

    Best of all, we have 3000 pages and Google has only indexed about 200 of them. Simple math tells us that we are only at 5% of our full potential. Once Google indexes all 3000 pages, this would mean $100,000/month! (Assuming a direct linear correlation)

    What keywords do you rank for?

    We are ranking for the keywords that matter most: long-tail keywords.

    Anyone that has spent any time tracking their conversions and traffic know that long-tail keywords are the MAIN keywords producing sales, not generic keywords like “sunglasses.”

    With that said, we have SUPERIOR rankings across the board. Here are just SOME examples (go Google these yourself for proof):

    #1 “Bvlgari 1015 Eyewear”
    #1 “Bvlgari 1015 Eyewear”
    #1 “Bvlgari 2032B Eyewear”
    #1 “Bvlgari 2045B Eyewear”
    #1 “Dior 0099 Eyewear”
    #1 “Dior C.DIOR 3135 Eyewear”
    #1 “Gucci 1815 Sunglasses
    #1 “Gucci 2730 Sunglasses
    #1 “Gucci 2731 Sunglasses
    #1 “Gucci 2788 Sunglasses
    #1 “Gucci 2790 Sunglasses
    #1 “Gucci 2922 Sunglasses
    #1 “Miu Miu 02EV Eyewear”
    #1 “Miu Miu 05EV Eyewear”
    #1 “Miu Miu 66DV Eyewear”
    #1 “Miu Miu 66EV Eyewear”
    #1 “Persol 2291V Eyewear”
    #1 “Prada 10FV Eyewear”
    #1 “Prada 16GV Eyewear”
    #1 “Prada 25IV Eyewear”
    #2 “Bvlgari 475B Eyewear”
    #2 “Gucci 1572 Sunglasses
    #2 “Gucci 1575 Sunglasses
    #2 “Gucci 2976 Sunglasses
    #2 “Persol 2904S Sunglasses
    #2 “Prada 13IS Sunglasses
    #2 “Prada 14HS Sunglasses
    #3 “Bvlgari 290B Eyewear”
    #3 “Bvlgari 3004 Eyewear”
    #3 “DG 1146 Eyewear”
    #3 “Gucci 1504 Sunglasses
    #3 “Gucci 1817 Sunglasses
    #3 “Gucci 1867 Sunglasses
    #3 “Gucci 2571 Sunglasses
    #3 “Gucci 2973 Sunglasses
    #4 “Gucci 2793 Sunglasses
    #4 “Miu Miu 63EV EYEWEAR”
    #5 “DG 1147 Eyewear”
    #5 “Prada 12HV Eyewear”
    #5 “Prada 62IV Eyewear”

    These are just SOME of the keywords. If you want an exhaustive list of all the keywords we’re ranking for, contact me with your email address and I’ll forward it over.

    So by ranking #1 for keywords like “Gucci 1815 Sunglasses”…you can bet we’re converting that traffic to an INSTANT sale.

    If you search that keyword, you will also see we have #1 Froogle rankings for that item as well, another high converting traffic source.

    These superior rankings are just icing on the cake for an already exploding website :) .

    Revenue Details:

    E-Commerce. See above description.

    Dropship Sunglasses
       April 4th, 2008

    I have recently noticed the trend in the online business forums – more and more internet entrepreneurs who were previously involved into development content based websites and promoting affiliate programs (sample: dropship affiliate programs) turn to starting their own e-commerce ventures. And most those ventures are drop ship type businesses.

    It is a sign that the competition is likely to get tougher in the limited online space for dropship businesses. The winners will be those with established and reputable dropship stores with a long list of regular customers, having close relations with merchants, also those who will offer new hot products and stay on the edge of latest technologies and marketing developments.

    Another sign in the dropship industry – dropship business owners find more and more ways to drive traffic and promote their online ventures. A few years back 90% dropship sellers got their traffic through eBay.

    Now I see dropship sites:

    • promoted in shopping comparison engines,
    • drive traffic with pay-per-click engines,
    • accepted to top online directories like DMOZ and
    • even achieving top Google rankings for competitive retail products…

    Just a few of my observations.

    And now another case study for beginners and advanced dropship entrepreneurs. Our never ending show of providing you with the samples of dropship businesses, how they get promoted and what they really sell and earn.

    Sunglasses E-Commerce Package

    Established: Sun Feb 12 2006
    Uniques/Month: 4,000
    Page views/month: 22,000
    Monthly Revenue: $3,500 – $4,000
    Google Pagerank: 2
    Min Bid: $15 000
    BIN: $20 000


    This auction is for a total Sunglasses E-Commerce package just in time for the peak Spring & Summer Season! deals with “single” pair sunglasses targeting your average consumer. is a”wholesaler” targeting vendors and corporate functions.

    Created On: 13-Feb-05
    Length in Business: 3 Years
    Yearly Revenues: 35-40K
    Profit Margin: 85%
    Item Sale Price: $15.95
    Item Purshase Price: $2.00-2.50

    Inventory: 8K Worth of inventory is included with this sale.

    Note: purchases its sunglasses from an exclusive wholesaler at great rate. The site has been submitted to all the top online directories for 3 years now, which give the site it’s great first page google keyword ranks (see images). Also, We have been added to a lot of affiliate coupon sites. There not much to say then the site is very successful in it’s “niche”.

    Created On: 01-May-06
    Length in Business: 2 Years
    Yearly Revenues: 15-20K
    Profit Margin: 25%
    Item Sale Price: $34.95
    Item Purshase Price: $25-27
    Dmoz listed

    Inventory: NONE, this site is all dropship you DO NOT carry any inventory.

    Note: is a DropShip site, and also has been submitted to all the top online directories such as DMOZ (approved), which give the site it’s great first page google keyword ranks (see images). Also, there is not much to say then the site is very successful in it’s “niche”.

    Reason For Sale:

    Its been 3 years since i was in this business, its time for new ownership to step in and add their own fresh touch to these successful websites.

    Revenue Details:

    Check Description for Details.

    Traffic Details:

    All Search Engine NO advertising!


    8,000 Pre-Screened Legitimate Wholesalers

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