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  • Archive for the 'Clothes Dropshippers' Category

    Dropship businesses & company lists

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    Replica Designer Apparel/ Accessories Dropshipper
       January 24th, 2009

    Replica Designer Apparel/ Accessories DropshipperReplica business is not safe as any illegal or partially legal business. On the other hand it has a huge revenue and margins – 50-200%.

    You are definitely likely to enjoy today’s dropship business case on replica designer apparel and accessories. The reason is that the owner goes into details how he runs and promotes his dropship venture, how he outsourcers the orders to his Chinese dropshipper. China dropship is a popular topic – many would like to find a reliable Chinese dropshipper of highly demanded products

    You can clearly identify the business owner competitive advantages – reliable Chinese dropshippers and low cost replica products of high quality. Another question is if this business model is long lasting. And scalable? As soon as you get noticed and approached for the property rights violations you will need to close the store or move it to offshore at least. It is a question of human psychology:

    What I do not understand about this owner promotion strategy is his decision to add AdSense and Amazon ads to his store. I do not know of any e-commerce stores that feature AdSense ads on their home pages. And if you are the owner of a highly converting online store (and the owner says he makes $3 000 monthly) you would never change the potential of a new sale for a few cents you make from AdSense click. Sounds illogical.

    PR1 E-commerce Store Selling Replica Designer Apparel/Accessories. $3000 A Month. Drop shipping business

    Premium Dropshipping Business, Goldmine With Even More Potential.

    •    URL:
    •    Established: Mon Jan 14 2008
    •    Monthly Revenue (USD): 3,000
    •    Google Pagerank: 1
    •    BIN: $60 000


    ECommerce Store Selling Replica Designer Apparel/Accessories. $3000K A Month.  Dropshipping.

    Income is around $3000 a month, with steady traffic. Only ads placed is on Facebook and the site is currently being fully SEO’d by my team. However, assume no SEO and no Rev from Ads…yet.

    We sell knock off designer apparel and accessories AAA replicas, almost impossible to tell the difference. The asking price would be $60, 000 and with the sale you get the exclusive introduction and connection to my supplier, in China who has access and partnerships with several production factories in Guangzhou. He speaks English very well, so language barrier not a problem.

    The current markup is about 50%+ on each product… the new owner can choose to raise or lower this if they wish.  It is all drop shipped, you will never have to handle a single product or keep one in stock.  No inventory necessary.

    $3000 a month does not include cash I make from selling to flea markets, boutiques and private vendors nor does it include promotional work I pick up on the side. (custom made t shirts, keychains, trophies, laminate, etc.)

    Hosted with homestead for 24.99 a month for the online storefront, that is the only expense. Full store admin panel makes it incredibly easy to track orders, receive payment (right now on the basic paypal merchant account) and ship out products.

    Buyer will receive all contact information to my friend, and supplier as well as a proper introduction to him in Chinese fashion, and a quick tutorial with doing business with china and with the Chinese. Their business ethics and practices are a bit different then ours here in North America.

    ALSO, worth noting, NO SEO has been done yet and little promotion and rev is still 3k a month. All I have been doing is FB ads.  I am selling to use the money in the stock market. With some promotion, this is a GOLDMINE.  And oh ya, most importantly, with my connection I provide about %40 of all flea markets in the Toronto and Greater Toronto area.  That alone gives me a hefty income monthly.  Upon sale I will agree to not sell anywhere else or use my connection, with the sell comes my connection.

    Also, I currently rank 1st on google for rococo life and rococolife. and have a nice youtube video page with over 170k views.

    My current customer base is included in the sale, with all their contact information.

    Ad affiliates just added 3 days ago include google adsense and amazon.

    Q: Have you had any complaints from the real brands, as if they find out, they can shut you down and of course pursue legal action? You’re selling fake (thus illegal) products, so I guess there is no way to promote this website legally?

    A: I’ve had 0 complaints thus far and FB has been really sweet in terms of turnovers per click. People don’t care if its fake, with these prices they buy. Of course there’s always the thought of the real companies looming over you but to get that big you must take a certain significant part of the market from them. It is more or less an online flea market, and flea markets are rarely busted, sometimes at most frowned upon. All in all, its a risk one takes but so far well worth the reward.

    Q: Does your supplier have a website etc? How are orders processed? E.g. do you go on their site and give the order to them or?

    A: My supplier is spoken to on either instant messenger (MSN), email (gmail) or phone. He is a very good friend of mine living in China, speaks great English no problems and is able to talk almost 24-7. He sends me updates every 3 months of clothing available, or if I request, I send him an item and his factory replicates it to a tee. He also does promotion item like printing custom shirts, keychains etc. Last month I did a deal with LG for 10 000 Keychains that have a 10x magnifying glass on them to view the square pixels or something on their new LCD. I knocked them a couple bucks for them and made a killing in a day. My Chinese associate had them shipped here in 10 business days.   I think I forget to answer the question at hand with my rambling lol…Orders are processed through PayPal via Homestead’s online storefront. I then in turn forward the orders to my contact in china, he prints them, gathers the goods and ships out the same day. There is a set price that her charges per item, so I always know what I am going to pay him. This price is about 50-60% less than what is shown on the site. I pay him via paypal with the orders attached and he ships out to each address same day. For example, if 5 different people ordered 5 pairs of RR jeans, we will have each jean shipped to each address. He sends me updates every couple months and with homestead storefront uploading mass images is simple, using excel csv file.  ALSO, worth noting, NO SEO has been done and little promotion and rev is still 3k a month. All i have been doing is FB ads. Am selling to use the money in the stock market. With some promotion, this is a GOLDMINE.
    BIN is $60, 000. You can start at whatever you want, but don’t insult me…this is my baby.

    Q: Ok but products and stuff he will send you in an update file or something right?
    Do they have a website or anything and are they well known?
    Also is this a special deal brokered between you guys and will it require any maintenance or is it just the normal deal?
    My one other concern was none of the products on the site have any description. E.g. all the watches just say Rolex watch and nothing specific. Would you happen to have any details on the replica watch name/description?
    How long per day do you maintain it?
    Additionally, you said the actual price is about 50% right? So the $100 watches are about $50 for example?
    Also can you provide some revenue and traffic screen shots? Everything is facebook ads and organic?

    A:  In terms of traffic I just put the meta tag on few days ago for google analytics, but I can show you what I got so far if it means anything. Also, I have some rev from Dec I can show you but some deals were also from private promotional companies here in the Toronto area. I did a deal with LG for keychains, as well as a science school looking to purchase safety googles with magnifying glass squares built in and sporting their school logo. I made well over $3000 in December, but on average per sales on site strictly product wise, this is what I earn. I need an email to send you the screen shots if they mean anything.  Oops and yes, fb and organic are my 2 main and only sources of traffic. With the economy like this, people want to look good for less.

    Q: Additionally, you said the actual price is about 50% right? So the $100 watches are about $50 for example?

    A: Yes the markup is %50. You are right, I get rolex reps for about $40.00 this is INCLUDING shipping. All my prices are including shipping in the markup thus I say shipping is free. People love free shipping. In terms of traffic I have some fb accounts I can show you. I just recently added google anayltics and adsense, as well as amazon and I’ve made $1.51 today . check out  for alexa info.

    Give me an email where I can send you my most recent transactions from my paypal account (as people pay via paypal on and also where I can shoot you some fb stats. I am runing 2 ads on there currently. FB has really been my main source of traffic and that along brings me in REV. If I was more SEO and traffic inclined I could prob do more. My buddy submitted me to a bunch of link posting sites, I don’t know if they did anything but help me rank. I currently rank 1st on google for rococo life and rococolife. and have a nice youtube video page with over 170k views.

    Q: Ok but products and stuff he will send you in an update file or something right?
    Do they have a website or anything and are they well known?
    Also is this a special deal brokered between you guys and will it require any maintenance or is it just the normal deal?
    My one other concern was none of the products on the site have any description. E.g. all the watches just say Rolex watch and nothing specific. Would you happen to have any details on the replica watch name/description?
    How long per day do you maintain it?

    A:  Good questions, here are they answers:

    Yes we sends all products in an update file. a .rar with pictures, sizes and prices.

    They do not have a site as he is my connection and friend and runs my factories in China. He is kind of the guy behind the scenes who supplies the sites that you see on the regular and the flea market in your area.

    The deal between the 2 of us is that he gives me a standard price of each item. (assuming a customer ordered just one piece of an item) and that rate remains constant no matter where it is shipped in the world. We ship internationally. For example, if a chanel purse costs $40 my cost, it will always be $40 including shipping no matter where I ship it. I charge $90 on my site and say shipping is free. (it is really included in the markup.)

    Yes, I can provide full descriptions for each product. I was just too lazy to do so as I thought noone would read it. I can provide dimensions, weight, specs and anything else. I have handled every product in my inventory. Remember he updates inventory for me every couple months by sending me a .rar.

    I ship out every Monday and Wednesday. so, twice a week I spend about 20 mins gathering the orders, emailing them to my supplier and paying him. To be honest, that’s about it. I have him on MSN and he is really cool to talk to and is kind of cool interacting with an international partner in China. He lives in Guanzoung.

    Revenue Details:

    $3000 sales strictly off site monthly.

    Additional funds earned through promotional items for companies, most recent project being keychains for an LG promotion.  Additional funds total over $10, 000 monthly consistently through promotional work such as keychains, notebooks, trophies, magnifying glasses, safety goggles etc.  My connection in China gets me manufacturing prices.  The new owner will have all the courtesy and support of my supplier passed onto them.

    Traffic Details:

    Traffic is only driven through organic and facebook ads. That’s it, and still making great money. Opportunity to make this thing a monster is there, but I don’t know the first thing when it comes to driving traffic.

    Men Apparel Dropshipper
       January 21st, 2009

    Men Apparel DropshipperI am not an expert in UK online business, but from what I have read I know that it is much easier to run one there – primarily due to a much lower competition.

    Dropship business model allows you to run your business and sales from anywhere in the world. Probably, it is high time to turn to Great Britain? Change the currency on your website, get and locally promote domain… Stuff is much more expensive in the UK than in the States right now though the British economy is also on decline…

    Dropship business is also quite popular in the UK – I remember a few case studies in some niche listed on our website.

    What I like about our today’s case – the site gets organic traffic, it is the only traffic source. It is very expensive to bid for selling keywords with AdWords, MSN AdCenter, etc – you have to compete with top e-commerce stores. When it comes to organic SEO – it is also hard to rank for buying keywords for the same reason, but the site in question is likely to get so called long tail traffic (ranking for low demand keywords).

    What I dislike is the site age – it is hardly possible for a few months old site to get decent organic traffic…

    The owner is happy with his men apparel dropshipper’s service – and this is not always the case. Either he has found the contacts through one of the reputable dropship lists or was lucky to set relations directly with the supplier – reliable dropshipper that keeps you updated of the stock changes, promptly ships your orders and handles returns – is a crucial part of any dropship project.

    UK Dropship Business For Sale with Huge Potential

    Established: Tue Sep 09 2008
    Page views/month: 1,400
    Monthly Revenue (USD): 533
    Google Pagerank: 2
    Uniques/Month: 458
    BIN: $3 000


    SentientClothing is a UK based (although can ship all over the world) site using probably the best dropshipper in the country, Devilwear. Devilwear are fantastic – if you order by 3.00pm they will ship the same day, and will handle all returns. They are currently expanding their range even further. At the moment, SentientClothing only sells the men’s range, but could also sell women’s and children’s.

    The site itself is PR2. It is using the latest and greatest open source shopping cart, The site has been heavily customized, as you can see. Just the Manufacturers section in the left hand column took a programmer three weeks to develop, but is worth it for the shopping experience for the customer.

    The site is currently setup to take Paypal Payments Pro (so the customer doesn’t leave the site – this costs £20 per month, so up to you if you want to keep it), Paypal Standard and GoogleCheckout. Again, this was all set up by a programmer I employed. Most of the sales have been through Paypal, a couple through GoogleCheckout.

    There has been very little promotion of the site until recently when I have started building backlinks, yet it has still made over £1400 (over $2100) in sales. I did a bit of PPC for a week shortly after the site went live to see if it would convert, and made a couple of sales. Otherwise, the site has generated 1835 organic visits alone, never mind referrals.

    The site was live to take sales from 10th September (although development work continued into November), but because the domain had been sitting there “live” on the web for a couple of months, I think this helped with getting organic traffic.

    The problem with the site is that the stock on there is not particularly up to date. I was badly let down by a programmer who was supposed to be setting up a feed from the dropshipper to the site so that the inventory was updated as close to live as possible. The programmer kept promising that it was nearly ready, the disappeared.

    I would estimate that it would cost between $100 / $150 to set up a feed (using and the dropshippers feed) and would be happy to pay half the costs of this).

    Without this, the inventory does need updating. I have had to turn down £229.35 of sales so far because of this, which is very frustrating, but I don’t have the funds to pay for the feed set up.

    If you would like me to host the site for a year, then you would need to add $125 to the total price. If you are going to arrange your own hosting, ensure that your hosting company can handle Magento, as it needs an optimized server to run quickly.

    The shipping has been set up to deliver worldwide, and has made sales to Europe, so the potential is huge.

    Profit is estimated at around £350 so far. The markup on the products depends on the package you sign up for with the dropshipper, and can range between 20% and 90% (excluding the cheapest package).

    The site has huge potential – it has shown that it can convert, has made plenty of sales for such a young site without promotion, and just needs a bit of marketing for it to take off, and the inventory bringing up to date.

    The ONLY reason I am selling, is because I very much need the money. I run several other sites, and this is probably my most saleable asset.

    Revenue Details:

    The revenue is generated through selling the products on the site, placing the order with the dropshipper with profit on the difference.

    Total revenue is £1418, but over £200 of orders has been turned down because the stock on the site is not up to date.

    Traffic Details:

    Organic traffic as detailed (one week of PPC at the start). Some referrals from other sites, but almost all organic.

    Halloween Costumes And Party Supplies Dropshipper
       January 12th, 2009

    Special occasions and holidays are great time for online retailers (as well as for offline). And your dropship business is no exception – you should follow the same steps as big and reputed online retailers make to get ready and benefit from holiday season – the time when 90% internet users are in a buying mood and commercial intention tool is not needed to gauge that.

    Another to approach this is to run some holiday website combined with party supplies sales. You have a far better chance to achieve great search engine rankings with this store and save or spend less on PPC and other sort of advertising. The drawback is that you are likely to get enough sales for 2-3 months – then the traffic would dry out.

    A seasonal project similar to this is ok if you have other dropship portfolio – or probably it is a cool idea to build your entire dropship portfolio around holidays? You are likely to use the same party supplies dropshippers for all occasions so it would be easy to manage your merchant relations. I think this is worth to think over.

    Now it is time to get acquainted with our latest dropship case study and see how to make money with Halloween costumes and party supplies droship site… ($70,000 sales in 6 months)

    PR3, dropshipping site, 46K revenue in October, high potential

    •    URL:
    •    Established: Mon Jun 30 2008
    •    Uniques/Month: 20,000
    •    Page views/month: 80,000
    •    Monthly Revenue (USD): 10,000
    •    Google Pagerank: 3


    It is a dropshipping site for halloween costumes and party supplies products. The custom design and all the integrations with the supplier were done by our own team of professional web developers.  We have also done unique product descriptions for all costumes (3000+ products).  We have invested more than $4000 on these descriptions alone.  It took more than an entire month to develop the site which is fully integrated with the supplier’s system.

    The domain name is 8+ years old.  We paid a substantial premium for it on sedo a year ago.  For what it’s worth, the price of the domain name on is $33,000.

    The site is very easy to run.  The stocks are automatically updated.  The orders are automatically passed to the supplier and the response with the delivery info comes directly to the system.  The email with the shipping info is automatically sent to the customer.

    We will help the buyer move the site to a different server and will help with any additional technical work you may need (up to 40 hours).

    The party and costume industry in general is huge, so there are still lots of potential. Here is an extract from one major web site:

    “Want a piece of a 7 billion dollar industry? Costumes are not just for Halloween. We operate successfully all year round, and so can you! Christmas, birthdays, Mardi Gras, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, themed parties, conventions, theater productions, and more . . . “

    Why am I selling?

    We are working on another big project right now and need to redirect our attention from maintaining this site to developing our other work.  Also, we need to generate capital for a new project, so we are parting with this site because it is one of our strongest cash-flow generators.  We believe it should have a good market value.

    Traffic Details:

    All the traffic is generated 100% free from Google, Yahoo, and Google Products (Froogle).  To increase traffic, we implemented a strategic link building campaign with other SEO work.  The search engine positions and number of pages indexed have been growing steadily, so even if you don’t do anything, you are looking for much higher traffic and a much better Halloween season this year than 2008.  Here is a breakdown of the website’s traffic by month:

    2008.08 – 8, 157 unique visitors (40,600 page views)
    2008.09 – 23,731 (114,819)
    2008.10 – 119,548 (551,012)
    2008.11 – 17,077 (73,910)
    2008.12 – 13,864 (50,707)

    Revenue Details:

    We launched the site in June, 2008 and expected minimal if any revenue for that year.  It was a big surprise how fast the site grew; between June and the end of the year we got about $70,000 in sales.  The Lion’s share of the sales was in October, of course. Here is a breakdown of revenue by month:

    2008.07 – $1493
    2008.08 – $2083
    2008.09 – $10213
    2008.10 – $46556
    2008.11 – $6178
    2008.12 – $3221

    The current profit margins are about 20%.  We have chosen a competitive pricing strategy.  We could sell the products for higher prices but we believe we would probably see a slight reduction in total sales as a result.  Industry-wide, profit margins are typically higher than 20%, but as a drop-ship retail site, this site is doing quite well.  This site lends itself well to taking and supplying direct stock of some of the more popular items, whereupon profit margins would be around 80%.

    Traffic Details:

    see above


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