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    Social networking
       August 28th, 2006

    I have started thinking about online reputation a while ago. Online networking means a lot for the success of your website. Online networking is no less important than offline networking in business. It is not easy, but you should begin with admitting it is true. And online networking in many ways reminds offline.

    What is networking?

    Networking is all about establishing a set of contacts among people with common social and business interests. It gives you the opportunity to exchange information that might help you with your business, learn about new opportunities, and generally give you fresh ideas and wider perspectives. It also provides a way to discover potential project partners.

    What are your options for networking in the online business? Forums and blog comments as well as social websites are most popular ways to make new contacts and search for new opportunities. Conferences and other offline events will also do, but they are not always the case for online entrepreneurs.

    Your networking targets – what do you expect from your social efforts?

    Learn new things.
    Meet new people
    Make connections.
    Develop business or other types of partnerships.
    Make friends.

    To achieve the above you should also give something back, not just take. Otherwise people will not be interested to network with you.

    Steve Pavlina has some great ideas expressed on forums and networking:

    Clarify Your Expectations
    If you decide to participate in online forums, clarify your expectations. Whether you intend to use forums for market research, to make new contacts, or as an outlet for your humorous wit, get clear on why you’re there.

    Here are some potential benefits of regular online forum participation:

    * Intellectual exchange
    * Learning new ideas and refining old ones
    * Enjoying community membership
    * Influencing the forum’s evolution
    * Contributing to others
    * Making new friends and contacts
    * New business leads
    * Keeping up with current events
    * Learning about new opportunities

    Here are some potential negative effects of excessive forum usage:

    * Reduced concentration and focus
    * Reduced productivity
    * Chronic procrastination
    * Increased pessimism and/or apathy
    * Being distracted by endless debates and idle gossip
    * Gradually substituting tribal group think for your own intelligence
    * Impaired social skills, neglected relationships, and a weakened social circle (a consequence of substituting online socialization for face-to-face conversations)
    * Reduced energy (forum participation is sedentary compared to more active social outlets)
    * Reduced self-esteem
    * Career and income may suffer (including loss of employment)
    * Forum addiction

    I particularly like this one – Be a Dabbler, Not a Fixture

    Another tip is to treat forum participation as temporary. If your goal is to make new business contacts, then dive in and participate actively for a while, maybe 30-90 days. Make new friends and contacts, collect private contact info, and then abandon the forums. Continue to develop your new relationships via one-to-one communication like email, phone calls, and if possible, face-to-face meetings (such as at industry conferences). Temporarily dabbling in many different forums is a more effective way to build contacts than pushing a single forum far beyond its usefulness.

    You can also use the dabbling method to gather general information on a subject. Seek out a number of relevant forums and bookmark them. Then spend a few hours scanning each forum once every six months to soak up the current wisdom. Whenever you have a specific question, pop in and search the forum archives. If searching turns up a blank, feel free to post a new message, harvest the answers, and disappear.

    Once you gain some visibility online it is time to tace care of your hard earned reputation. Make use of this simple and efficient guide to monitor your reputation: Online Reputation Monitoring Beginners Guide (What & How to Track)

    In my case, I just start to make baby steps trying to get online reputation. I just follow the above steps – forums participation (with links in my signature), blogs scanning and citing in my posts. It takes time, it takes efforts, it is not easy, but I have got a nice feeling to be able to express my ideas and share my knowledge with other people. Before that it was just reading and consuming other people experience and ideas. And I should confess that these efforts on my part result in more ideas and opportunities for mywebsites.

    Summary: Online networking is crucial – the sooner you realize it the better for your online business. It took me too long to get it and now it is not easy to get the desirable reputation within a short period of time. In fact, I am not sure I will succeed to get it in the long run. But it is the only way to succed in your niche – become someone people will refer to, address to, listen to.

    My research of this topic and my first efforts to gain online reputation show that the online process is in many ways similar to offline. And it also similar in time it takes to become more or less known in your industry. Here you are expected to be original, to offer something innovating to prove that you are worth some good reputation. And it is not easy.

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    Top 20 webmaster forums: save your money
       August 25th, 2006

    It does not matter if you are a novice or pro in the Internet business. While browsing these forums you will find information so valuable that no manuals or courses can you buy; you will get answers to all your questions. You can’t become a regular of all 20 forums, but you can browse each for some time and define which ones you like. With time, you will learn the basics of networking – as a forum member you are expected to give something back, not just to get.

    Top 20 Webmaster Forums

    Webmaster World Forum


    Wickedfire Forum

    Search Engine Watch Forum

    Digital Point Forum

    Site Point Forum

    I Help You Forum

    Website Publisher Forum

    Abakus Internet Marketing Forum

    V7 Network Forum

    High Rankings Forum

    SEO Chat Forum

    AKA Forum

    Cre8asite Forum

    WebProWorld Forum

    Jim World Forum

    SE Roundtable Forums

    WebWorkShop Forum

    Search Guild Forum

    Ozzu Webmaster Forum

    SEO Guy Forum

    Summary: The forums are listed in no particular order. I have made the list myself; it is based on my experience. So I am sure that there will be persons that will not agree that it is 100% Top 20, but I am sure that they will agree that best webmaster forums are on the list.

    [tags]online communities, forums, web forums, traffic, link bait, social bookmarking, web 2.0, domain names,, adsense, adwords, ppc, text-link-ads, links buying, myspace, seo, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, blogs, content generation, ebay, google, make money online, work from home, home based job, duplicate content, links, earn your living online[/tags]

    Arcade game websites: how to start one
       August 25th, 2006

    At some point I was about to launch an arcade game website of my own – once I have learnt how popular they are. Then I have realized that I know nothing about this stuff and will be not able to compete with knowledgeable site owners.

    Recently I have run into a detailed and at the same time simple guide – How to run an arcade game website. In my opinion, V12Kid Wickedfire forum member and the author of this guide has covered all essential questions for arcade game website newbie’s: where to start, where and how to promote your website and how to get traffic for cheap, what works and what does not work. It is really a good start if you have any ideas to launch a website in that niche.

    Being the gaming geek I am I figured why not try out a flash arcade. Reason being was some other guy claimed he was making $6k a month between 3 arcades and I was dumbfounded a flash arcade could make that much so I figured why not. After researching them I found the following vendors who sold various scripts to do the same thing but each was its own flavor.

    I encourage you to visit each vendors forums if they have them and email them to see how quick support actually is.








    the last 2 require a licensed copy of VBulletin to work and are usually add-ons to an existing forum but I have seen some arcades that use VB just to run the arcade.

    Once you know what script you want to use you have to install it and get the games loaded. Each vendor has different types of offers as far as games so look at forums such as SP and DP for sellers who sell game packs that are specific to each brand. usually they are cheaper than the OEM vendors.

    Ok, got the script loaded with your game packs? Now you can add your favorite PPC or ad network into the layout. I choose YPN for my arcades and just recently started experimenting with Zango so try whatever you feel comfortable with.

    Ok cool, got games loaded, ads running… so you are going to make millions now!! well.. maybe not

    You now noticed that your layout is the default that every other clown has on your block! One of the tricks to arcades is separating yourself from the pack. Sure there are thousands of arcades and the newer brands are cheaper so any guy that can create a sql db is starting one but you have the advantage. You had a custom skin created for your arcade!!!! Yours looks different and maybe even has come custom mods or custom games no one else has!! Get it now?

    So you are here now:

    - Script purchased & installed w/games
    - script changed with a custom layout & mods
    - custom games added or created for your site (if you can afford it)
    - ads placed strategically through out site

    Many people can argue that you need to get traffic first but I feel arcade traffic is broken up into several categories.

    Ok so you have this incredible arcade setup. Now what?! TRAFFIC BITCHES!!!

    First ill explain the type of traffic you might get.

    There are 3 types of arcade traffic imo

    1. users who visit and like the games and actually join so the credits don’t mean anything to them because they are members
    2. users who visit and bookmark but dont join. The play and keep playing until they either get bored and don’t come back or actually sign up. This is what you need to focus on, give them enough credit to play for a while until they decide to stay or leave. All subjective
    3. users who visit, play 3 games and leave never to return.

    Now the issue with Credits only matters if your script even has that option for users as some of the lesser ones do not, so if you don’t then don’t even worry about it!

    Traffic for me and for can come form the following sources:

    1. At first your going to have to count on link/banner exchanges
    2. ppc networks i.e. google, yahoo etc
    3. Top Sites

    and of course with proper seo you can get organic traffic eventually but not initially.

    Top Sites work well only if you send them traffic so its a catch 22. ppc on 2nd and 3rd tier networks works extremely well if you pick the right ones.

    I currently use or have used the following:

    2. StumbleUpon

    both provide me with quality traffic that’s targeted to my genre.

    Traffic from purchased links on buy sites in the same genre work as well. I am a repeat buyer from a few sites that send good results to me each month for a fair price. The hope is to get referrals so it always helps to buy a few links a month.

    The trick is to keep experimenting with advertisers, anchor text and viral attempts until something clicks. I have found myspace to be a good source of traffic for me so I spend some time with the bulletin services because the age group is right up my alley. Another technique for advanced webmasters is to throw up a Network page where you feature all your sites that you run. The nice thing about that is you can direct generic traffic to that 1 page and let people pick what they might like from your stable to visit. I don’t have a fancy one up but I through it up and sent it a crap load of bulletin traffic, believe it or not I got about 12k uniques in 2 days from this. 70% of which ended up clicking on my arcade link and the rest spread out over my other sites so it became a win-win situation. I don’t see this working if your selling insurance or credit cards but for the right age group its killer. Ill go over network sites in another topic later this week

    so what have I just tried to explain?

    1. Vary your anchor text until you find something that works
    2. Throw the link/banner on your network homepage if you have enough to justify a network page
    3. myspace! Yes it works, not for everything but def for arcades.

    After some time you will start to get repeat visitors. This is in the hope that you made yourself different and advertised like a banshee. My current ratio is 88% repeats, 1.5% SE and the rest from advertising so its decent. As traffic flows the SE’s will like you more so adjust your site to reflect the changes and keywords that are being picked up and in turn being sent as visitors to you.

    I look at the keywords SE’s used to find me daily and adjust my NEWS or anything relevant on the site to help highlight those keywords to feed the SE’s

    Popular keywords are:

    Free Online Games
    Free Flash Games
    Flash Games
    Addicting Games
    free xxx games

    I focus on a few and make sure that these keywords are featured:

    1. In my Welcome message in the header area
    2. In the description of my Top 10 popular games. Since these games are played the most, they are pulled by the se’s the most…well you get it
    3. in my secondary areas such as registration pages, comment pages
    4. on my most popular exit page. If someone is going to visit and leave within 30 seconds of the visit you might as well get credit for the hit and help feed the se your keywords

    So having used these techniques and my primary goal TO BE DIFFERENT THAN ALL THE OTHER ARCADES OUT THERE! I’m sure many argue that they are all the same believe it or not to the average surfer out there it does make a difference. Most don’t know or care to understand how your script is better as long they can access their fav games and not have any delay in doing so. Looks are important, functionality, load speed all matter! So look different, act different and deliver fast to keep them coming back!

    This leads me to my last point. Make sure you host the arcade on a decent platform. I would not even think about shared hosting if you plan on keeping it for a while. I have 1751 games so space and bandwidth get chewed up very quickly. The sites are php and sql based so when you get busy it will become resource intensive. I started one VPS and within 2 months had to move to a dedicated server. The nice thing is I can now move all my sites to 1 server and not worry too much about bandwidth etc.

    Summary: I do not doubt that if you are in arcade game business you have really enjoyed this post and found some useful tips.

    [tags]arcade games, arcade game websites, gaming websiets, online communities, forums, web forums, traffic, link bait, social bookmarking, web 2.0, domain names,, adsense, adwords, ppc, text-link-ads, links buying, myspace, seo, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, blogs, content generation, ebay, google, make money online, work from home, home based job, duplicate content, links, earn your living online[/tags]


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