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    How to advertise your blog
       October 11th, 2006

    As blogs gain more popularity there are more and more people seeking the answer to this question: How to advertise your blog? I think a few years back this question was: how to promote a website. Blogs provide a more convenient way to keep your online property updated. As a result, they are more popular than traditional websites with no content management systems installed.

    The answer to this popular query (I still talk about advertising your blog) is available if you take your time to browse this category. Also read these resources:

    Effective online marketing
    How to Attract Links and Increase Web Traffic
    Seth Godin: how to get traffic
    Steve Pavlina: how build a high traffic blog
    10 remarkably efficient ways to drive traffic

    Also research these websites for more advertising tips:

    Last, but not the least source of great tips is webmaster forums.

    Summary: There is a rule accepted by most webmasters: to advertise your blog or website you need to make use of this formula:

    Content x Links x Time. Webmasters (including myself) often forget TIME factor. Its importance grows with the saturation of the Internet.  Probably I should have placed in first place of the formula?

    Two more points missing in this universally accepted formula are:

    -    Industry. Try to start websites in music and telecommunications industries and feel the difference: in traffic, monetization, etc.
    -    Experience. If you are new to building and promoting blogs be careful, do not expect it to become your full time income overnight. I have wasted much money and hours of fruitless tests before this activity started to be profitable.

    So, my modified formula of successfully promoting a blog looks like this:

    Time x Content x Links x Industry x Experience

    And I assure you that there are no magical tricks besides the ones mentioned in these post. Research the links, make your notes and save your time – stop searching for more.

    [tags]how to advertise a blog, how to promote a blog, seo, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, make money online, home based job, earn your living online[/tags]

    What are best affiliate programs?
       October 11th, 2006

    Every person in affiliate marketing looks for best affiliate programs. And they try to get this information in many ways. I have posted on my affiliate income from miscellaneous networks. What are your ways to find out the best affiliate programs to generate maximum income from your websites?

    - Start with testing what types of affiliate offers work with your traffic. Here I again refer to my stats.

    - Join the most popular networks (if you are not sure what the recent buzz is – check forums or find the blogs you can trust).

    - Browse the network offers (as a rule they provide information about best performing ones).

    - In order not to miss indie affiliate programs explore websites that are directories of affiliate programs (but these directories are rarely updated and nobody deletes inefficient programs) and include offers from companies that run their affiliate programs in-house. I am personally skeptical of this type of programs. The company should be with a brand name and among the industry leaders to make me to sign with it.

    - Make a research of your top competitors (preferably, leaders in your niche): they are likely to keep their affiliate offers updated. See what offers they promote, what types of advertising they combine on their pages etc. This is one of the greatest advantages (and at the same time disadvantages) of the virtual world – you can learn practically everything about your competitors without much efforts and funds applied).

    Summary: Best affiliate programs are something different for each webmaster. And you should revise your advertising mix now and then. New players, new leaders, expired offers, etc. I think you should consider your website monetization as a separate kind of your weekly routine.

    But do not spend much time working on this while you have low traffic. Even top offers do not work if you have no visitors – a tip from my experience (though it is so obvious, you would feel tempted to place maximum offers, but of no avail).

    [tags]what are best affiliate programs, seo, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, make money online, home based job, earn your living online[/tags]

    Working schedule of an online entrepreneur
       October 10th, 2006

    I have been always curious about working schedule of web entrepreneurs. It is a way to learn from experienced search marketers and developers how they manage their working time, what activities take most efforts, etc.

    It is always cool to hear than it takes 8-10 hours per week to work and generate full time income online, but I am doubtful that it works for most. I guess it works for those who started back in the 90’s. And did it properly all these years.

    The idea about a four working day week sounds also appealing, but not acceptable at the moment. I agree – it is not possible to be through with all work – there are always tasks that you need to attend to. And it is possible to find ways to fight this feeling of regular desire to work. But it works in case when you feel secure and know that you are doing fine and you can afford making Friday as an extra day off.

    I think it is the nature of online work itself that demands intensive work. We do not produce any goods, our information products are not so much demanded as other stuff – food, clothes, gas, etc. And remember the level of competition.

    Another great point I share with the author is – if you have more spare time you have more time to think. This process results in new ideas and concepts that are not likely to come to your mind when you do monotonous work from 6 in the morning till 12 at night.

    Other working schedules sound more familiar. And in general it looks like webmasters arrange their working time more or less in a similar way. The results are different in every individual case, but most work according to the same scenario:

    - working in the morning
    - working in the afternoon
    - working in the evening
    - working at night

    All this is mixed with a few hours of some other sort of activities. It is a typical schedule from Monday through Friday. Weekends are slightly different, but Seth Godin, for instance, advice to blog on weekends as the competitors are likely to be less active. Many webmasters follow this advice.

    Summary: My working schedule is:

    - start at 5.30 in the morning
    - a few hours to relax after 6 p.m.
    - then 2-3 hours more at the computer
    - weekends are not that busy – I tend to spend morning hours at my work, then do something about house or shopping with my wife.

    Why people with nearly the identical working day schedules get different results? I guess it is a matter of experience, industries, luck and intellectual abilities.

    [tags]working day, working schedule, seo, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, make money online, home based job, earn your living online[/tags]


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