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    Web usability checklist
       November 21st, 2006

    In my case Jakob Nielsen is always authority number one when it comes to web design usability. Certainly, there are other web design sites that publish great stuff on web design.

    But when I come across a nice link bait in web design or any other web related area, it is hard to resist the temptation not to share this resource with other Internet users.

    The ultimate webdesign usability checklist

    Think of the title – it suggests that you will need nothing else but this handy list when you need to apply web design usability guidelines to your web projects or to web sites of your customers.


    · Did you validate your (X)HTML using W3C Markup Validation Service?

    · Did you validate your CSS using W3C CSS Validation Service?

    · Did you check your website in at least IE, FF, Opera and Safari?


    · Did you add the ALT and TITLE attributes to all your important images?

    · Did you add the LONGDESC attributes to all your image that need a description?

    · Did you write effective ALT text?

    · Did you make the size of your pages less then 50KB?

    · Did you choose the appropriate filetype for your images?

    · Did you add a description to images that support your content?

    · Did you use plain text instead of images for important content?


    · Did you use a sans-serif typeface with a decent font size for your body text?

    · Did you adjusted the leading and tracking, if necessary, to increase readability?

    · Did you align your body text to the left? (depends on language)

    · Did you use EM or percentages instead of PX?

    · Did you make sure that there are no whole sentences in uppercase?

    · Did you use less then 78 characters, including spaces, per line?

    · Did you make brief and precise paragraphs with explanatory titles?

    · Did you use lists to sum things up?

    · Did you write your conclusion first and then your explanation?

    · Did you create enough contrast between the text and the background?

    · Did you make your website also accessible for text-only browsers?

    · Did you make sure that there are no ‘under construction’ pages?

    · Did you include a print function on pages with a large amount of text?

    · Did you include a print stylesheet?

    · Did you replace all special characters with the ISO Latin-1 codes?

    · Did you spell check your content and did you proofread for grammar errors??


    · Did you make sure that all your links work? W3C Link checker does the job.

    · Did you include a link to all your main pages on your homepage?

    · Did you include your main navigation on every page?

    · Did you use no more then 8 items in your main navigation?

    · Did you distinguish the active and nonactive page in the menu?

    · Did you use self explanatory link text instead of ‘click here’?

    · Did you use self explanatory link text instead of business terms?

    · Did you make a distinction between visited and non-visited links?

    · Did you make a distinction between links and plain text?

    · Did you add the TITLE attribute to all your links?

    · Did you use breadcrumbs if you have a large amount of pages?

    · Did you include a search option if you have a large amount of pages?

    · Did you make your logo link to your homepage?

    · Did you make a skip to content link at the top of your pages?

    · Did you make a skip to menu link at the top of your pages?

    · Did you make it possible to browse your website using SHIFT-TAB and RETURN?

    · Did you make sure you didn’t use any javascript links?


    · Did you make a consistent page structure?

    · Did you place your logo at the top left?

    · Did you place an explanatory tag line next to your logo?

    · Did you place your search box at the top right?

    · Did you place important content above the fold/scroll?

    · Did you make your design on a grid system?

    · Did you make your design fluid using percentages?

    · Did you make your website also viewable on low resolutions?

    · Did you make custom titles (as in TITLE tag) for all your pages?


    · Did you make sure that users don’t return to an altered form after an error?

    · Did you make a friendly and informative error page?

    · Did you make a friendly ‘thank you’ page with a confirmation email?

    · Did you add only a ’submit’ button and no ‘reset’ button?

    · Did you tell the user what to expect after clicking the submit button?

    · Did you split long forms up into multiply pages?

    · Did you gave the user room to type?

    · Did you place an asterisk when a field is compulsatory?

    · Did you keep the standard look of input fields that is generated by the browser?

    · Did you create a logical order of asking information?

    · Did you use double input fields for passwords only?

    · Did you let the computer, not the user, handle information formatting?

    · Did you make sure that users can fill in the entire form using the TAB key?

    · Did you explain to the user why you ask certain information?

    · Did you explain to the user what you are going to do with that information?

    · Did you use realtime validation using AJAX?

    · Did you use the LABEL tag?

    · Did you place the LABEL above the input field, instead of next to it?

    · Did you choose the correct input type for different data?

    · Did you make the top input field automatically active using setfocus?

    · Did you destinguish the active field from non-active fields using input:focus?

    · Did you use the FIELDSET and LEGEND entities when appropriate?

    · Did you check if your forms also work with Javascript turned off?


    · Did you make sure that essential information/navigation is not made in Flash?

    · Did you make sure that music and videoclips don’t start playing automatically?

    · Did you make sure that music and videoclips can be turned off at any time?

    · Did you inform the user about the size and length of your music and videoclips?

    Extra features

    · Did you make a custom 404 page?

    · Did you make a site map?

    · Did you make a rss feed? (if you add content regularly)

    · Did you make a high contrast version of your website?

    · Did you make good looking URL’s (like this one)?

    · Did you make sure that there are no frames on your website?

    · Did you make sure that there are no pop ups on your website?

    · Did you make a contact form instead of just an email link?

    Summary: I am sure the list is helpful. I have tested it with one of my web sites and think it is really practical. And ultimate.

    [tags]web design, web usability, usability, designs, seo, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, make money online, home based job, earn your living online[/tags]

    MySpace progress
       November 20th, 2006

    If you check my recent posts you will notice my MySpace experience and experiments described. At this time I accumulate friends using free software and update my MySpace blog re-posting setting entries from this very website. I target users by their interests and try to add friends who share interests similar to mine. I am also in the process of joining ceratin groups to join their discussions.

    I am not yet sure how effective this marketing technique will be in my case and if it is worth spending time with my other websites. My target is to get a source of visitors coming to my sites through MySpace – I do not want to sell anything to other MySpace members and to bombard them with affiliate offers (at least now). It seems to become a complete waste of time. Here is the bulletin case study from David Turnbull for those who think that it is an easy task to generate affiliate sales via MySpace mass bulletin system:

    MySpace Bulletin Case Study

    First, I selected an appropriate offer from Azoogle.

    ID: 1876
    Name: Superb Rewards – Free IPOD Nano (Brand New!)
    Payout: $1.40

    Why did I choose this offer?
    - Pays for just the E-Mail; a simple action that can be completed by 99% of people.
    - Decent Payment ($1.40); One of the higher paying iPod offers so I thought it was a good choice.
    - Good Reward (iPod Nano); iPods are all the craze lately, some may say it is saturated but a lot of people still don’t have, and want an iPod.
    - Appeals to my demographic; It’s usually the younger people wanting iPods, so 18-25 is usually a good range.

    I have a MySpace account with 5400 friends (as of now) and I posted a simple bulletin with the following fields:

    Subject: WOW!!! THIS IS SO EASY!!!
    Body: Anyone with a MySpace account can get a FREE iPod just by entering your email address into this form!!!” CLICK HERE!!!

    Of course, I linked the CLICK HERE!!! to my advertisers web address.

    The Results?
    Nothing too spectacular. I got about 10 people clicking on my Link and half of them completed the offer, so I didn’t make too much.

    Why? Probably because I’ve used this account for advertising in the past and people have become wary to avoid my bulletins. I did convert at 50% though, so that’s very good – I just needed more clicks.

    Here is some motivation to get started, as MySpace Bulletin advertising definitely can work.

    You have 100 Accounts with 5000 Friends each.*
    Post a bulletin on each account.
    Each gives $4.20 (Just 3 Conversions!)$420 in your pocket.
    That is a very rough example, but definitely possible.

    Bulletins get buried fairly quickly also, so if you post 3 a day, and say you get an average of $2 per bulletin.

    You have 100 Accounts with 5000 Friends each.
    Post a bulletin on each account 3 Times a Day.
    Each gives $2.00
    $2.00 x 3 = $6.00
    $6.00 x 100 Accounts
    $600 in your pocket

    For those looking for the quick route you could also check out – this forum allows you to purchase accounts or bulletins.

    *You may not have 100 Accounts with 5000 Friends each, so maybe cut a deal with other MySpacers (basically revenue sharing) and decide to advertise one Azoogle offer together and then split the profits accordingly.

    Summary: The idea to have 100 accounts with 5000 friends each does not attract me much, but after my first experience of using auto friend adders I am sure that there are enthusiasts out there who have that amounts of fake accounts with that amounts of friends.

    So, MySpace marketing is not that profitable as it used to be a year or so back (according to experienced MySpace users), but it works. It is a matter of scale now I guess.
    [tags]my space, myspace marketing, myspace promotion, myspace backgrounds, myspace layouts, seo, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, make money online, home based job, earn your living online[/tags]

    Affiliate marketing with CPA
       November 20th, 2006

    I have never been successful with cost per action affiliate marketing. I have made a few sales with CJ, but not much success with this or other CPA networks like LinkShare, Performics, AzoogleAds, etc.

    And it is a mystery for me how people make good money with this technique. A good sample of experience is shared here. What should you take into consideration selecting offers for your visitors?

    1. What is my demographic? (Male Female Age Income etc)
    2. What is my target country? (90% of CPA’s are US only)
    3. What are their interests? (is the site generic or niche targeted, What is the niche)
    4. Do I have enough traffic or should I work on getting more traffic first?

    Now you have answered those questions this gives you an idea of what to target. Below are a few examples of what offers I would choose dependant on some of the answers above.

    Site 1:
    US women, Age 18 to 40, targeted at mothers.
    A Great offer for this site would be a CPA offer from Maxbounty. It is an easy signup offer for Club mom. Another offer I would try is 3 Year Free of Women’s Magazines (Allure, Cosmopolitan, & Glamour). While these don’t pay out high dollar the do have EPC’s of around .45.

    Site 2:
    US Teens, Age 12 to 25, targeted at social networking
    A great offer for Teens is ANY easy signup offer for cool gadgets, like laptops, ipods, cell phones etc. If you have a teen site you have to TRY promoting ringtones. Maxbounty and Azoogle have many ringtone offers to choose from. You will need to try different ones to see which one converts best with your site.

    Site 3:
    US Men, Age 18-35, targeted at professionals
    This audience at times is very tough to convert as they aren’t dumb and will not signup for just any offer. BUT most professionals don’t have time for dating so they turn to online dating services Maxbounty and Azoogle both have great dating offers that convert well. Depending on the site it could do well with some of the investor or start your own business kits.

    The 3 sites above are just examples, but the main key is you know your traffic better than anyone. Target them and give them what they want and it will convert. The last question #4 is a tough one… but usually if I am only getting 10 to 100 unique visitors a day I try increasing that traffic before I try pushing to many CPA offers.

    It is also a common practice to place these offers above the fold with something like ‘Hot offers’ . Pop unders also work in many cases. And remember to rotate your offers and replace those that do not work.

    Summary: It sounds quite reasonable and easy. After reviewing these 4 points I conclude that I miss point #4 – none of my websites are well established on the Internet.

    Another other option to promote CPA offers is PPC marketing. But the recent Google changes make it difficult do it with AdWords. And the latter is the most advanced and reliable PPC engine.

    [tags]cpa, cost per action, seo, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, make money online, home based job, earn your living online[/tags]


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