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  • Archive for the 'Dropship Case Studies' Category

    Dropship businesses & company lists

    8 000+ Verified wholesale dropshippers
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    Perfume Drop Shippers
       October 19th, 2008

    Perfume products are no doubt popular with drop ship affiliates And remember – the holiday season is coming and despite the crisis people will spend billions on gifts (though it is clear that shopping expenses will be cut in most families).

    So, it looks like dropshipping fragrance/ perfume products is not a bad idea. – you need the product knowledge and reputable merchants dropshipping discount perfume – all this takes time so there are no chances to be properly prepared by this holiday season, but more holidays are coming…

    We have not discussed in detail promotion techniques that our case study site owners apply, but you can read about that in the descriptions of the web projects for sale. I would just like to mention that from my own experience PPC (once worked great) gets more and more costly – especially AdWords You have to compete against top e-commerce brands and it is next to impossible to bid on keywords as much as those brands can afford.

    And Google sets requirements so high that now you can’t just go and buy 10 000 keywords and be sure that they will drive you traffic at .10$ per visitor. Those times are gone…

    Comparison shopping engines are still efficient traffic vehicles – check Shopping, Nextag and Shopzilla

    For those interested in e-commerce topic, I would recommend checking e-commerce basics packed into one article It is not a tutorial or complete list of e-commerce promotion tools, but it is a good up-to-date primer to those who need the starting point.

    Established Ecommerce Perfume Website

    10K Revenue / Year – Established 2005

    •    URL:
    •    Established: Fri Nov 04 2005
    •    Uniques/Month: 2,200
    •    Page views/month: 7,000
    •    Monthly Revenue (USD): 300
    •    BIN: $10 100


    Offered for sale for the first time is online retailer Skinfragrance is an online perfume/fragrance retailer. The site has been online for since Nov 2005, and with little promotion has done around 38K in sales over that period. (Read more in “Why am I selling” below) targets the high end market of Perfume / Cologne. Site currently carries around 5000 to 8000 products at any given time.

    We are ranked for numerous terms:
    #6 Google – best selling perfume
    #9 Google – best selling cologne
    #9 Google – top selling cologne

    Numerous other (higher traffic keywords) – a few pages deep. can pass other sites fairly quickly based on Domain Age alone….combined with a few quality links.

    What’s included:

    •    Domain
    •    Current Customer List/Mailing List (Opt In)
    •    Web Design / Content

    Why is Skinfragrance for sale?

    I started this ecommerce site in Nov of 2005 with the intention of letting the domain age. Sales started coming in quickly and I did initial promotion (link building etc) Domain is still currently included in BOTW directory among others. I have since started many other projects and have a very demanding job within the Ecommerce industry. I do not have time to take to the next level.
    I simply have not had time to update products. I have had to cancel orders because of stock issues. New owner would need to put in the 15-30 minutes a day to update products.

    Skills Required:

    Site is run on the Yahoo Store Merchant platform and has been since the beginning. I would expect the new owner be familiar with ecommerce sites, have some Excel Skills (loading csv imports) – some degree of programming would be great but not necessary. You will also need your own Merchant Account.

    Revenue Details:

    Products are drop shipped and no inventory is maintained. There is much room to grow profit margin simply by moving to a inventory & fulfillment model.

    Unexploited revenue opportunities for this site include advertising of course, but also there exists a great customer interest in up to date information. Revenue can greatly be increased with simple link building, comparison engines, PPC, etc.

    - I have briefly advertised with Nextag and Shopzilla and Yahoo Shopping. Good Results but I have not tracked well enough.

    Generating around 10K plus a year in Revenues – Profit Margin ranges from 15% to 90% based on price of item. Most products are currently at about a 25% to 30% markup. Profit /month – Ranges from $120 to $400 (Potential is with Aged Domain) Traffic Details:

    Traffic is generated via:

    •    Google Organic (Product Search) – I have problem with showing images in Product search and have not had time to fix. This along would probably double traffic from this source.
    •    Around 1500 – 3000 Uniques per/month – Dec much more – See Graphic
    •    Organic traffic via viral word of mouth on forums, etc
    •    Newsletters utilizing Opt-in subscription tool to capture browsers and push for increased conversion.
    •    Repeat Buyers

    What would I do to take Skinfragrance to next Level?

    •    More Promotion (Via Link Building) – Would not take much – I was ranked for term “Discount Fragrances” after getting to links with correct anchor text.
    •    Automate Inventory – Take Supplier XML / CSV file and automate inventory levels. This takes a little programming knowledge or outsource the work.
    •    Start Stocking Products
    •    Better Analytics – Install Google Analytics with Revenue Tracking

    •    I have run a few campaigns over the years on Yahoo / Google but nothing more than a few hundred bucks.
    •    $39.95 Month Yahoo Store
    •    $19.95 Merchant Acct. / Month

    Revenue Details:

    Revenue is sales of perfume / body perfume products. We only sell Authentic Brand Name Perfumes. Sales mostly come from Google….

    Traffic Details


    Powersports Products Dropshipper
       October 12th, 2008

    Snowmobile parts and accessories – do not think that it is the product category that gets much demand and traffic online. Though competition is likely to be low, I would definitely research and think hard before buying or starting this sort of dropshipping business

    We have listed big scale dropship business and not, but one should clearly understand that despite the product category you will need to do the same amount of work mostly (research, advertising and promotion, on-site work, customer support, etc) and rewards might be quite different.

    The below project could be an addition to your portfolio of dropshipping businesses, but I would not build dropship business around this project. Browse possible product categories – I am sure you will spot more lucrative niches.

    Established Powersports Ecommerce Site for Sale

    Established Ecommerce site specializing in snowmobile parts and accessories

    •    URL:
    •    Established: Mon Apr 30 2007
    •    Page views/month: 80,000
    •    Monthly Revenue (USD): 900
    •    Google Pagerank: 4
    •    Uniques/Month: 10,000


    This is am amazing opportunity to own your own online E-commerce business with high traffic and Pagerank of #4.   It’s fun business in the fast growing and exciting Powesports industry. Professionally designed and looks great.
    - NO inventory. Items are dropshipped by reliable online based distributors.
    - Very low overhead. You don’t have to have initial investment to buy products to sell.
    - Easy to use shopping cart that does all the work for you.
    - No experience needed. Seller will train.
    - Part time work for extra income.

    Revenue Details:

    Last year’s Revenues just over $10,000. Dropshipped with profit margin of 20-30%

    Traffic Details

    Totally organic traffic from high pagerank.  No $ spent on advertising.

    Car Accessory Dropshipper
       October 8th, 2008

    There was some research published early this year where car parts and accessories were obviously at the end of the list of popular products to sell online. So, I am a bit surprised as our auto parts dropshippers category grows so fast. A possible explanation might be that there is a lower level of competition in that industry (along with lower demand). But I might be wrong.

    The best way is to test the niche yourself (FREE TRIAL is the cheapest way I guess) to get the feeling of the demand/ supply, market competition and if this is your kind of products to deal with. Is it a male oriented product category?

    Huge Car/ Truck Accessory site. $237K in last 8 months!

    With 8,052 Unique Visitors/ 32,000 page views PM. Site could easily be converted to a pay per click referral site.

    •    URL:
    •    Established: Sat Sep 30 2000
    •    Uniques/Month: 8,052
    •    Page views/month: 32,635
    •    Monthly Revenue (USD): 3,500
    •    Google Pagerank: 3
    •    Min Bid: $45 000
    •    BIN: $95 000


    With the industry specific targeted traffic this site receives it can be purchased and used as is, or easily converted to pay per click referral site. Average pay per click for automotive keywords we are found under exceeds $1 per click. Selling 8000 clicks a month at $0.80 per click will net $6400 a month. PM me for a list of the top 50 keywords we have been found under in the last 12 months

    Selling site to start new business, well established auto accessory site DBA AllTimeAuto and multiple domains,, ALLTIMEAUTO.NET, ALLTIMEAUTO.ORG, PERFORMANCE-EXHAUST.NET, TPPACCESSORIES.COM, TRUCKFITTINGS.COM, TRUCKPERFORMANCEPLUS.COM, and TRUCKSUPERCHIPS.COM. This business is a drop ship company I currently spend around 4 hours a day processing orders, and doing customer service. Never deal directly with the product simply process orders and submit purchase orders to our warehouse distributors.

    Site programming has been fully customized and streamlined with an owner admin center to manage all aspects of site including customer lookup, shipping tracking system, site content management system etc. Site has a fully functional dealer registration center and dealer account site with dealer pricing and has 80 registered dealers nationwide.

    Business sale includes retail account (we are the largest automotive retailer) and all tools we have developed for maintaining products on Amazon, well established purchasing accounts with the best negotiated product discounts from 3 of the nation’s biggest warehouse distributors (these distributors have around 15 shipping locations so you never have to see the product and it gets to the customer quickly), Also includes 4 master distributor accounts with direct buying from 3 major manufacturers.

    Site also includes installed Affiliate program made by Post Affiliate Pro software with 77 registered affiliates.

    Site generates 32,635 page views, and 8,052 unique visitors per month. And has established first page rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN

    2007 Gross sales were $361,732 with less than $1,000 spent in advertising in 2007, I currently net $3,500 a month with dedicating 4 or less hours a day 5 days a week. With some dedication this site can easily gross $500,000+ plus a year.

    Revenue Details:

    Our site earns its revenue through a combination of avenues, direct retail sales on the site it’s self, wholesale sales thorough our dealer network and retail sales through our seller account. There are two screen shots of the revenue screen shot one shows the date range we are looking at and screen shot two has the totals. The list is to long to fit all in one screen.

    Traffic Details:

    Or site gets it’s traffic from natural listing from all major search engines, our affiliate program, links from forums, and auto related sites. We have done $0 in pay per click advertising and have spent under $1,000 in 2007/2008 for other advertising. The traffic I have quoted comes from three different domains with getting the majority of the traffic. All domains are being sold in this sale.


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