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    Job sites: Web 2.0
       May 30th, 2006

    Web 2.0 is the buzz word of the last 6-9 months. The trend supporters state that the Web enters a new stage in its development, the opposition says there is nothing new, it all was invented back in the 90’s.

    Just to give our readers more information on Web 2.0 I will turn to the list of its significant features. It is up to every person to make his decision to accept or not this Web 2.0 trend (I guess for most Internet users it does not matter – all we want is to see Web more useful and convenient. And free).

    What Web 2.0 website features make it different from a traditional one?

    o Services, not packaged software, with cost-effective scalability (When devices and programs are connected to the internet, applications are no longer software artifacts, they are ongoing services. Therefore: Don’t package up new features into monolithic releases, but instead add them on a regular basis as part of the normal user experience. Engage your users as real-time testers, and instrument the service so that you know how people use the new features.)

    o Control over unique, hard-to-recreate data sources that get richer as more people use them (Applications are increasingly data-driven. Therefore: For competitive advantage, seek to own a unique, hard-to-recreate source of data.)

    o Trusting users as co-developers (The key to competitive advantage in internet applications is the extent to which users add their own data to that which you provide. Therefore: Don’t restrict your “architecture of participation” to software development. Involve your users both implicitly and explicitly in adding value to your application.)

    o Harnessing collective intelligence (Intellectual property protection limits re-use and prevents experimentation. Therefore: When benefits come from collective adoption, not private restriction, make sure that barriers to adoption are low. Follow existing standards, and use licenses with as few restrictions as possible. Design for “hackability” and “remixability.”)

    o Leveraging the long tail through customer self-service (Small sites make up the bulk of the internet’s content; narrow niches make up the bulk of internet’s possible applications. Therefore: Leverage customer-self service and algorithmic data management to reach out to the entire web, to the edges and not just the center, to the long tail and not just the head.)

    o Software above the level of a single device (The PC is no longer the only access device for internet applications, and applications that are limited to a single device are less valuable than those that are connected. Therefore: Design your application from the get-go to integrate services across handheld devices, PCs, and internet servers.)

    o Lightweight user interfaces, development models, AND business models (Web 2.0 applications are built of a network of cooperating data services. Therefore: Offer web services interfaces and content syndication, and re-use the data services of others. Support lightweight programming models that allow for loosely-coupled systems.)


    Job sites also follow the Internet trends and there are a few out there that fit Web 2.0 guidelines. For instance,

    How do they differ from hundreds of competitors?

    Lightweight, yet powerful
    You don’t need people sending you resumes and CVs, you just need someone mowing your lawn? That’s what we made Jobazaar for.
    It’s free and you’re not going to take any risks
    With Jobazaar you can easily offer jobs and manage job postings. Why should you pay for looking for someone?
    Modern and fast interface
    Don’t waste time waiting for pages loading or filling out unnecessary form fields. We know you don’t like that.
    Optional features
    You decide if you want to enable applications directly via Jobazaar or if users can ask questions to your jobs.

    A few more Web 2.0 features of the website include: tagging (tags are keywords that you can add to a job to make it easier to find), RSS feeds, applicant ratings forums. There are three versions of the website: US, UK, German. Obviously, the company targets the global job market.

    Freelance jobs are scarce with at this moment, the forums do not enjoy much activity, but the service progresses fast, it gains popularity on the Net and it is worth keeping an eye on. I guess its success or failure depends to a certain degree on the destiny of Web 2.0 trend. If it is widely accepted then will make it. And we will get another good source of freelance jobs.

    [tag]freelance, telecommute, job sites, outsourcing, web 2.0, work from home, home based job, contractor, career, employment[/tag]

    Job search sites:
       May 30th, 2006

    Job search sites: SoloGig.comThe website we will talk about in this post is It claims to be:

    The nation’s leading freelance resource and home to more projects than any other contract website. With an average of 10,000 projects posted daily, you can find your next project today. is behind of the project, is a kind of their vertical subsidiary.

    To get access to their job bank, you need to sign up for their service and choose a type of membership.

    The service is not free and those who pay the subscription fee expect that they will really find a lot of freelance job listings. People realize that no employment service can guarantee you a job, but you expect to get some offers at least.

    Here comes the story of a person who signed up for SoloGig services:

    I was looking for some solo gigs and therefore thought would be a great fit. I signed up and paid for the premium service – yes, paid cold, hard cash. While no one can promise you job listings down the street, or even in your own hometown, I expected to find something in the greater Southern Puget Sound region, and was sorely disappointed. Instead, what I noted was that few, if any, of the listings on SoloGig were actually freelance or contract jobs. Most were retreads of online jobs I’d seen elsewhere, and most of these were pretty old to boot. But as I took a look at these listings, and asked the engine to sort them by their posting date, I noted another anomaly: postings were supposedly taking place mere tenths of a second apart. This was true not just of one or two individual postings, but entire web pages full of listings. How was it possible that job listings I’d seen over a week or two ago elsewhere were supposedly fresh leads posted mere moments before on SoloGig? My contention, and one that was never denied in my correspondence with, was that someone (or more properly a SQL script of some kind) was freshening the listings to make it look like SoloGig had all kinds of new postings.

    I found it odd that they would lag so far behind them in re-posting this data if they were simply sharing it. I decided it was time to Google SoloGig and see what complaints were out there (something I should have done in the beginning). Lo and behold, others had noticed similar issues, and most reported problems with billing and refunds. Well, eventually I had had enough of my time with SoloGig and asked for a refund. I was ready to duke it out with the billing department, but, to my great relief, my refund was posted within 24-hours of receiving my cancellation notice.

    The morale of the story is that one should not trust the statements of any freelance job site that charges for its services: no matter how good their site looks and what job samples it lists on the home page trying to make you get your credit card and join them.

    - Start with checking Google for the feedback of happy/ unhappy past customers.

    - Even if you decide to jump into the boat make sure they guarantee you a full refund in case you are not happy with their service.

    As the story proves most listed freelance jobs were available from other free sources: it points to the fact that even such ‘big boys’ like have no access to some exclusive database of freelance jobs not available to other market players. I conclude that smaller players of work from home job market offer even worse job listings and charge a fee for their services. It is not a secret that the top place to get freelance and home jobs is and classified ads. Plus a few other good places that you can spot checking the listings at free freelance sites.

    So if you know where freelance job sites get their listings from why would you pay for this?


    [tag]job sites, freelance, job, employment, contractor work, oursource, home based job, work frm home, telecommute[/tag]

    10 steps to eBay success
       May 30th, 2006

    I have received a few e-mails from the readers for more detailed information on eBay business (here is my post on eBay business). To tell the truth, I can just recommend the works of others who took their time to collect tips from their own and other successful eBay sellers’ experience. Here is the list of popular eBay guides:

    The Silent Sales Machine Hiding On eBay® – All new! 120% Bigger – The Best eBay® success strategies all in one place – Automate your income Today (aff. link).

    AuctionYen – Find What eBay® Buyers Want. Unique eBay® research software, Highest eBay® converting software! Very Low refunds (aff. link).

    The eBay® Cash Machine – Make $1000s. I make $11,000 with the eBay® Cash Machine every single Month (aff. link).

    Garage Sale Strategies For eBay® Success – The eBay® Sellers Guide to Finding Profitable Hidden Bargains at Garage Sales to resell on online auctions (aff. link).

    The Auction Revolution eBay® System – Move into the top 5 percent of eBay® Sellers (aff. link).

    If you would like to save at the start of your online eBay home business (this is the way most people choose) I recommend you to search Google for ‘free eBay tips’, ‘free eBay secrets’ and so on. There is tons of free information on this topic on the Internet. Though it will take your time to find those tips that are compiled into the above link list.

    Remember to browse and explore eBay Help and FAQ. They provide extensive information for the sellers – their success depends on both: buyers and sellers satisfaction.

    One free resource that I would recommend is AuctionBytes. They are online for many years (started back in 1999!) and have gathered maximum information on eBay and other online auctions:

    Fraud Resources
    Auction Site Fees
    Auction Management
    Payment Services
    Storefronts Chart
    Sniping Chart
    Consignment Services
    Ecommerce Resources
    Photo Tips
    Marketing Inserts

    Hopefully, it helps in your search of the proper way to start your eBay business.

    [tag]eBay business, online auction, eBay, auction management[/tag]


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