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    Dropship businesses & company lists

    8 000+ Verified wholesale dropshippers
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    1 200 000+ Products dropshipped + training
    Drop ship business on sale
       October 18th, 2006

    Dropship websites for sale is a good proof for those who doubt if dropship business model works. Here comes another listing of drop ship website for sale:

    When I see a profitable website for sale I feel like checking two things first – stats (traffic, sales, etc) and explanation why an owner wants to get rid of a money making website. – Niche Drop Ship Business

    • URL:
    • Established: 31 Dec 2005
    • Uniques/Month: 1,500
    • Page views/month: 10,000
    • Monthly Revenue: $500+


    Septemeber saw it get 1,500 Unique visitors and almsot 10,000 pageviews.
    – ——————————-


    Prolongboards was born in the UK as an importer and exporter of longboards to Europe. Since Longboarding is really an American thing, importing them to the UK and the EU seemed to be a trend setting venture. To start with, I bought in $2000 worth of longboards (20 Decks and 5 Complete Boards) which I had to restock pretty quick since initial demand was reletively high. Sales seemed to dip in later months but were still generating around $500 a month revenue.


    I feel that Prolongboards is destined to be a Profit machine. Not only do I have suppliers who will Drop Ship their products (so no need for stock), but the speed that longboarding is growing, especially in Sweden, is extraordinary to say the least. I have made several friends through the shop who keep telling me how popular longboarding is getting in mainland Europe, something which Prolongboards RIGHT NOW has the means to capitalize on!

    Why Am I Selling the Business?

    I am selling the business and the site for two reasons.
    1) I want to pay back $1000 to my dad who graciously lent me the money to start the shop
    2) I want to concentrate more on marketing instead of running a business. Packing and taking stuff to post takes up too much of my time and could be utilized better by someone else, I feel.

    General Traffic / Site Info

    The Site has been online since Jan 2006 and has been growing in popularity steadily since its conception. Although it is only PR1, I feel with maybe 6 months, a few more sites will link to prolongboards getting it a higher PR.

    Traffic flows have been steady and targetted. We have not been using ANY PPC or Advertising of any sort, apart from posting on two forums. All our traffic is derived from these forums and the Search Engines which it ranks highly on.

    For September, its best performing month, we got 1,492 Unique Visitors and 9,683 Pageviews According to Google Analytics.(Proof = – *3.75mb watch out*)

    For All the months previous to September, Webalizer has been running, which can be seen at

    Specialized Aspects of the site

    I myself am preficient with PHP and MYSQL. I coded the Shopping Cart, Stock Facility and Longboard Contruction Wizard, ALL of which have been made from scratch by ME. I did not use a third party shopping cart system as I wanted to concentrate more on SEO which I felt I could achieve better from my own content.

    This Coding alone would set you back an easy $900!

    I also did ALL of the graphics from scratch, which could have cost $300 if you hired a pro to do it.

    Supplier Info

    All the Suppliers are willing to Drop Ship, apart from a wholesaler in the UK. This is unavoidable because I am in the UK but there are many other distributors in different countries so if you wanted to change the shop for a different market, that would be fine.


    With Monthly Revenue of around $500, I feel I could ask anything up to $10,000 for this site.


    [tags]dropship, drop ship business, drop ship website, seo, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, make money online, home based job, earn your living online[/tags]

    Dropship Furniture
       August 21st, 2006

    Dropshipping is a woking model for your e-commerce business. I have posted about possibilities you have to buy an established dropship websites. Samples of droship website sale are here and here There was another sale of an established dropship website – this time outside furniture dropship website:

    • URL:
    • Established: 9 Mar 2002
    • Uniques/Month: 12,000
    • Page views/month: 45,000
    • Monthly Revenue: Profit $17,000+ Year – Taxes are available from 04′ and 05′
    • PageRank: 4
    • Listed: 14 Aug 2006


    Im selling a dropship furniture website I have, if anyone is interested. You dont have to stock anything, or ship anything. Its a yahoo legacy store. I dont have time for it anymore, and its being neglected. It has rankings for outdoor furniture, teak outdoor furniture, deck furniture type phrases, and a bunch more. “Patio furniture” has fallen into the 60’s, though I had number 2 for that phrase for sometime. That phrase alone gets like 200,000 searches in the summer, and it shouldn’t be hard at all to get back into the top 10 on google. Im sure you could have all rankings back by the next summer rush. The site has about 9,000 total backlinks also. Its a very strong site.

    I got into real estate investing sometime ago, and its basically become my life. I don’t have time for article writing, link exchanging etc. I hate sitting here, and watching this website go down the tubes, because its made me great money over the last few years.

    Email/pm and Ill fax/email you tax information and whatever else you need. I’ve never sold a website, so Im not sure how this process is supposed to work.

    4 years old
    Individual visitors per month – 12,000+ (low end. This number was MUCH higher when all rankings were in place.)
    Page views – 45,000+ (low end)
    Dmoz listed – 3 years

    Compared to other phrases I’ve ranked for, outdoor furniture type phrases are generally easy. I cruised for over 2 years doing absolutely no seo, and kept top rankings. Last summer/fall this site was getting well over 1000 individual customers a day. Im also going to give you a guide I wrote that tells exactly how to achieve rankings in search engines, so you can keep the rankings I have obtained, and get the ones you want. The seo I’ve done to this website alone is worth $10,000 alone.

    Revenue Details:

    Summer/Spring months are 90% of income

    Traffic Details:

    Traffic is from multiple organic rankings for highly trafficked keyphrases in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

    Summary: Drop ship business model is a good way to diversify your online business. I do not think you should focus all your efforts on drop shipping – it is not a lasting business model – at least from my point of view. But if you have a good supplier and after your online marketing research you see potential to grow business in that direction – you should give it a try.

    [tags]dropship, drop ship,, adsense, adwords, ppc, text-link-ads, links buying, links selling, myspace, seo, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, blogs, content generation, ebay, google, make money online, work from home, home based job, wikipedia,, technorati, bloglines, duplicate content, links, earn your living online[/tags]

    Drop ship site: invest into an established one?
       June 22nd, 2006

    Do not know how to develop and promote websites or how to set up relations with drop shippers or are short of the time to do all these boring tasks? Probably a fully functioning drop ship site is a good solution for you, but be prepared to invest a certain amount of cash – a good drop ship site is not available for free.

    Have a look at this dropship website sale (it is currently available from


    $12,617-$30k/month Established/7500 PAID customers/REV PROOF HERE!

    Age of site (months): 26

    Monthly revenue: 12,617.00

    Revenue details:
    Sample revenues from 2005 (exacts gross)
    Dec 2005 19,065.25
    Nov 2005 16,773.40
    Oct 2005 15,524.41
    Sep 2005 12,488.74
    Aug 2005 13,685.63
    Jul 2005 9,214.70
    Jun 2005 8,798.88

    Advertising is Overture, see above posts.
    Shipping $1731.00 avg month. (customer pays – we make $1-3/order)
    Telephone is $93.25 mo. avg. (vonage)
    Credit card fees (merchant related fees) $640 per mo. avg.

    Monthly page views: 100,000
    Traffic details:
    Per Alexa: 3 mos. avg traffic rank 2,104,298
    1 week avg traffic rank 748,684
    Per Alexa: Pageviews for Feb 3.8 million

    Huge selection of cross stitch, crochet, knitting, quilting, latchhook, scrapbook and puzzle products. A huge craft store! This site does not carry an inventory, orders are fulfilled when they are placed. It is a wonderful business, the busiest months are the fall, but year round the site averages $12,000 a month. With the right skill, this site could easily produce 4-6 times this, needs more exposure, promotion, better webskin, etc.

    We have over 7500 registered PAYING unique customers and many are on the mailing list (opt-in). There is a new affiliate program in place with 10+ affiliates. This needs promotion, I am not to proficient with affiliate programs, business would increase with this built up, craft customers are a trusting lot. Includes domain name, customer list, oscommerce cart with over 80 mods (a very powerful shopping cart), affiliates that are signed up, great repuation etc. This is a wonderful income opportunity, GOOGLE RANKED 4. No inventory necessary, you can get the merchandise locally via distributor or through the vendors themselves.

    Price (or starting bid): $35,000

    I spend 3-5 hours a day running this site, pulling orders, shipping product and answering emails. There is a drop-ship program available for this product, where the supplier would ship direct to customer, the cost is about $1 an order and a small percentage of each item sold, worth it if you do not want to ship products. They ship the same day order placed.


    The products for this site come from a single supplier so the shipping is consolidated to one location. This is nice and makes billing/shipping much easier. We have an outstanding relationship with our primary vendor. We have Net15 day terms and credit limits of upwards of $10-$15,000 per month. This account and reputation should transfer easily with this site sale.


    This is a a large customer base, we ship worldwide and in 2+ years only had two or three chargebacks!! Reason:post office delivery error. This chargeback rate is extremely low, unheard of by most industries. In 7500+ transactions, not a single chargeback due to fraud.

    Summary: the website is good and established, but the risks, from my point of view, are high for those who are new to the game. You need certain background and experience how to run and promote websites, how to run your own business, how to sell online. It may sound easy – just pay and start making money with your new toy. But in fact it is hard work that requires much learning and effort. Better wait for a cheaper dropship website for sale.

    [tags]drop ship, drop ship, home based business, work from home, online store, e-commerce[/tags]


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