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    Mopeds Dropship
       September 13th, 2009

    Do you know the difference between a scooter, motorcycle and moped? I think they have a lot in common. What about dropshipping these products? To tell the truth, I can hardly imagine that – shipping, guarantee service issues, etc. Probably, dropshipping moped parts is a better idea.

    You will be surprised (I was), but there is online demand for mopeds and idea of dropshipping mopeds is not that out of the question case. A number of dropship merchants offer you their help:

    Dropship & Wholesale Moped Supplier – Join for Supplier Name & Website
    Visit Website | More Information
    Products: Electric Scooter, Gas Scooter, Pocket Bike, Dirt Bike, Motor Bike, ATV, Moped, Heelies Shoe Skates.
    Description: Wholesale ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Heelies Shoe Skates, Electric and Gas scooters and much more.

    Dropship & Wholesale Moped Supplier – Join for Supplier Name & Website
    Visit Website | More Information
    Products: ATV, Go Kart, Utility Vehicle, Dirt Bikes, Moped, Motorcycle, Electric Gas Scooter, Water Craft Golf Cart, Helmet Accessories, Generator, Porcelain Dolls, Waterfall Picture, Engines.
    Description: Roketa is manufacturer and importer of motorcycles and many other power sports products. They test every product they sell and only sell products that rigorous testing. Their intention is to bring exciting products that will last a lifetime and bring you and your loved ones much enjoyment.

    Dropship & Wholesale Moped Supplier – Join for Supplier Name & Website
    Visit Website | More Information
    Products: small engine motorcyle/moped, atv, dirtbike, gokart, auto parts/motorcycle parts, HID Xenon light
    Description: Have been wholesalers and distributing for over 7 year. Currently, we just open an permanent office in China, so we have the capability to streamline purchase on a more effective bases.Some items we ship from California, some we ship directly to user from China. We can wholesale in Container as well as dropship one at a time through the world depends what items

    Dropship & Wholesale Moped Supplier – Join for Supplier Name & Website
    Visit Website | More Information
    Products: Micro Remote Control, Car Kits, Parts, Radio, Engine, Motor, Wheel, Tire, Battery, Charger, Damper, Bearing, Tools, Air Boat, Toys.
    Description: They are a Hong Kong-based reliable wholesaler of all types of RC Cars or Radio-Controlled Cars from top brand manufacturers. They have been in the business since 1999 and are continuously growing and expanding. They accept payment through PayPal. They can ship worldwide.

    But probably you should have started with moped demand research, not supply. Demand is steady over years with some seasonal peaks – I think seasonality is easily explained. You should not miss the fact of top moped demand markets:

    1. Sweden
    2. Norway
    3. Austria
    4. United Kingdom
    5. Slovenia
    6. Germany
    7. United States
    8. Hungary
    9. Finland
    10. Ireland

    Are you ready to expand your moped dropshipping business worldwide? If you have a plan to focus on the US market only you should remember that there are more attractive moped markets with higher demand (though I am not sure of competition levels in those countries).

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    Electric Guitar Dropship

    Electric Guitar Dropship
       September 7th, 2009

    Do people buy electric guitars online? I do not play the guitar and need to first research this question. If you check Top 500 online stores you will find Musician’s Friend Inc. store on the list.

    So, musical instruments are a good online seller. If you review just our recent articles you will agree that everything sells well on the Internet nowadays:

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    Back to electric guitar dropship. Now have a demand check with Google Insights service (Google just added a cool feature – Forecast – that allows you to look into the future of online demand). Here you see a declining trend of electric guitar search, but a good sign is that the top demand for this keyword is in the United States – so, it is your key market.

    In-built Market Research (the research tool that comes along with the largest database access of verified dropshippers and wholesalers) is one more way for a product research. Valuable research data you get: demand, competition, advertising, auction pricing (yes, it is worth your time to explore eBay market). Here you also get information about suppliers available (= your potential dropship merchants):

    Supplier Type

    # of Product Types

    Electric Guitar Drop Ship Wholesalers


    Electric Guitar Light Bulk Wholesalers


    Electric Guitar Instant Import Buys


    Electric Guitar Liquidation Auctions


    The following results are based on Category only

    # of Suppliers

    Electric Guitar Large Volume Wholesalers for category: None Selected


    Electric Guitar Liquidation Wholesalers for category: None Selected


    If you feel that electric guitar dropship is your product you need some dropship merchants to check what they have to offer. In addition to the above service I would suggest you to check other sources of verified dropshippers

    In my opinion, electric guitar dropship is not for everyone. You need to know the online market, demand, competition, but you also need electric guitar knowledge and passion. It is not that kind of the product that you can learn to love and it is not the product that you can become rich with, but it is great for those who plays and enjoys this instrument.

    Scooter Dropship
       August 13th, 2009

    If you are a new reader of our dropship website you might be interested how we choose products for our research to define if they are good candidates for your home based business or dropship eBay business. The choice depends on the demand.

    Keyword research tools, eBay Pulse, Google Insights for Search and a few other tools are invaluable and as a rule free sources of this information. Below are examples of our recent product researches:

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    Another great way to start or develop your dropship business or dropship websites is to see what other people do and learn their best practices. For that purpose, we have our huge database of dropship business case studies where you can browse by product category or income generated to get ideas.

    Finally, we have reviewed and listed dropship sources – you need reliable dropship merchants for your business – either you are going to dropship scooters or video games

    OK, after this short introduction to website let’s turn to researching another potential product for your home business – scooter dropship. My first questions are – seasonality, market and demand volume as the price is relatively high (compared to other products like candle, pet apparel or dvd’s). Google Insights for Search is here to help us –you can clearly see the seasonal nature of the product You get more valuable info through this source – the top scooter markets:












    United Kingdom








    United States

    Now I would like to have a look at my online competition – in my case I prefer to run dropship business through my websites (not eBay), so I need to see how much competition I have in general and who are top players in SEO & PPC. For that purpose I need a deeper keyword research to make sure I use a commercial keyword (we can check that with MSN online commercial intention tool).

    Now it is time to learn something about our potential customers. Google Insights for Search is good to see the top markets for this or that product. Quantcast and MSN are helpful to get a more detailed description of out target audience.

    The last, but not the least step of this initial scooter dropship research – scooter dropship merchants. You need to make sure there are verified suppliers that will drop ship your orders.

    You can browse available merchants by category if you have subscribed to any of the below product sourcing providers. I prefer two sources – SaleHoo and WorldWide Brands (they provide lots of cool extras like In-Built Market Research that is a good starting point for your own product research and a valuable addition to my researches of products). OK, what we see is:

    Drop Ship Wholesalers


    Light Bulk Wholesalers


    Instant Import Buys


    Liquidation Auctions


    And SaleHoo listings include:

    Yay! 6 results found for Scooter

    Scooter Supplier – Join for Supplier Name & Website
    Visit Website | More Information

    Products: ATV, Pocket Bike, Dirt Bike, Electric Scooter, Electric Golf Tricycle, Two Wheels ATV, Sea Scooter, Go Kart, Pogo Sticks, Electric Bike, Foot Scooter, Wheel Bicycle, Gas Scooter, Snow Scooter, Skateboard, Mini Chopper.

    Description: A high-tech enterprise integrated with sports equipment production and trade.

    Scooter Supplier – Join for Supplier Name & Website
    Visit Website | More Information

    Products: Mini Motorcycles, Pocket Bikes, Gas & Electric Scooters, Dirt Bikes, Mopeds, ATVs, Go Cart, Scooter Accessories, Scooter Parts, RC Toys

    Description: They are located in New York and are an importer of scooters. They carry a full line of gas and electric scooters as well as large amount sorts of scooter parts…

    Now you have collected some initial information about online scooter market, competition and demand, suppliers and target audience. I tend to compare that information to other product research results and my past personal experience. There are much more factors that define your dropship product selection – free resources (time, money, personal likings, etc.)


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