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  • Archive for the 'Dropship' Category

    Dropship businesses & company lists

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    Fancy dress dropshipper
       October 18th, 2007

    Our never ending series of case studies: successful dropship businesses (I think here I should define the meaning of successful applicable to our case studies. When I say a successful dropship store I mean an online store that generates income for its owner by means of selling products dropshipped by third parties).

    I think one should feel some sort of interest in the products he sells – otherwise your business become kind of a job that does not enjoy you, but it should from my point of view. The below products are quite specific and one needs special kind of hobbies/ interest to get excited about selling them, but on the other hand this sort of dropship store could diversify your portfolio if you run a bunch of dropship stores.

    Established: 21 Dec 2005
    Uniques/Month: 10,000
    Monthly Revenue: $1,500
    Listed: 9 Oct 2007
    Min bid: $18,000
    But it Now: $21,000


    I am listing these sites up for sale again as negotiations for the sale of these sites has fell through at the last minute. Up for sale is the domain and business for and is the established site and is a site with
    the same products but different design used as a price and marketing test site.

    This business works best if owner/operator resides in the US however the business can be ran with little difficulty from most countries. is a 2 year established e-commerce site that sells a unique
    camouflage system called ghillie suits, very popular amongst hunters, paintballers,
    military snipers and nature photographers. These suits are growing in popularity and
    there is a good market for them online becuase they are nearly impossible to find
    offline. A great growing niche market with an established presence.

    All items for sell on the websites are available for dropship though our supplier accounts, which will be supplied only to the buyer.

    A $500.00 deposit will be required to end the auction, gain access to all financials and dropshipper information, as well as initiate the transfer process.

    There are 3 payment processors used by the site: PayPal, 2Checkout and google checkout. You will need your own paypal account but the 2 checkout accounts and the google checkout accounts can be transferred. The 2checkout account currently has a $700.00 balance that will be included if the site sells for the right amount.

    Total sales per month average between $3000 and $9000. Total profits per month range from $1000-$2200. Each sell typically earns a 30-40% profit. So a suit that sells for $100.00 earns $30-$40.

    Running the business takes usually only 1 hour a day at most.

    Duties include:

    - Processing orders (ordering from supplier and sending thank you emails to customers)
    - Answering customer questions (via email and/or phone if you provide a phone # on site)
    - Updating site with new products and out of stock notices.
    - Our suppliers do not ship internationally, so if you want to accept international
    orders you will have to have items shipped to your address (in the US) and
    ship out from your local shipping providers (we just use USPS in these cases)
    - Managing PPC campaigns ( it is up to how aggressive you want to be with this,
    honestly we have not managed our current PPC campaigns very well and there
    is a lot of room for improvement in this area)
    - Any SEO you may want to do to the sites is the main site and is very established amongst the search engines. The 2 websites combined average over 300 unique visitors a day. Access to traffic stats can be provided to interested parties.

    This is the perfect opportunity for someone to take over a business that requires little work and creates a nice income. It could easily be turned into a fulltime income with a little more time. The starting price is firm. If we do not get the price we expect from this sale we will continue to run the site ourselves. Thank you for your interest and all questions are welcome.

    [tags]dropship turnkey website, drop ship, wholesale, ebay, e-commerce, dropshippers list[/tags]

    Turnkey dropship websites
       October 13th, 2007

    When I see a dropship business for sale that was started back in 1999 I think that dropship business model gets really ripe. Buying a turnkey dropshipp website is a technique that is often discussed on the pages of this website (as well as an alternate way: to buy access to verified dropshippers’ list).

    Advantages are numerous:

    -    established website with traffic
    -    regular buyers’ database with contact e-mails
    -    established relations with verified dropship merchants (that is very important)
    -    tested sales channels that work
    -    tested marketing techniques
    -    experienced mentor (as a rule the dropship business seller agrees to help with running the website for some time after the sale is closed)

    Certainly, I should mention one disadvantage that in many cases outweighs all above advantages:

    One needs to make a considerable financial investment buying the business.

    And it is a risky (to some extent) investment: you do not know the seller or the website history. You do not know what search engines are up to – any change in their ranking algo can drain out the source of traffic to your website. It is the same as in any other business industry – one should remember of the risks involved.

    Investments into dropship turnkey websites differ. The one I am about to mention in this article will cost you min $10,000, but if you are eager to get it now and here – be ready to invest $75,000:

    •    URL:
    •    Established: 3 Dec 1999
    •    Uniques/Month: 6,000
    •    Monthly Revenue: $51,356
    •    Listed: 6 Oct 2007
    •    Min bid  – $10,000
    •    Buy it Now – $75,000


    Website for sale. I work full-time and have no more time to run it. Revenue has been as much as $19,500 in one month when I sold heat appliances and when I gave the site my full attention. I was also spending about $2,000 in paid search at the time. Over last year, monthly revenue has averaged about $4,000/month. Website sustains this amount of sales based on average order size of $30.00 and based on organic searches, putting in website address, and with NO paid search. 10,000+ customer list. Many products are unique and could be increased in price.

    Profit is narrow at this point because I use an outside fulfillment vendor.

    Store gets very good customer feedback, and I am a BBB member. Solid Cactus just completed a new redesign, which I have yet to upload.

    Revenue Details:

    Revenue earned through product sales. Sales some in online, via mail order, and via phone.

    Is it a good bargain or not? It is hard to say at first glance.

    Firstly, one needs to understand the expenses that he will incur with the purchase of the business. $10,000 is a minimum bid; there is no guarantee that you will get the business for that money. And then you will need to spend some funds for transitional period. There is no doubt it will take some time anyone to learn the basics how to run this particular drophsip website and how to promote it.

    Secondly, I think one needs to have some enthusiasm about the products the turnkey website dropships. So, it is a better suit for a lady. The current owner runs it as a part time venture, so any stay-at-home mom will have enough time to take proper care of that.

    Thirdly, I would research Google for the history and mentions of this online store. Then I would implement deep website analysis and info verification.

    Finally, it is good to establish communication with the seller to see how he replies to your questions (about the site, suppliers, buyers, etc) and get a feeling if he is sincere.

    So, it is not a simple task to buy a profitable dropship business. Hopefully, the above steps will give you an idea about those things that you should do before you make the final purchase decision.

    [tags]dropship turnkey website, drop ship, wholesale, ebay, e-commerce, dropshippers list[/tags]

    Electronics dropshipper
       October 6th, 2007

    It is often the case: a person gets an access to some verified dropshipper wholesale list and have no idea what products to start with. The easiest (and often recommended) way is to begin with some product category you have knowledge of.

    I do not share this point. In my opinion it is a much better solution to start with those products that can bring you a nice profit margin. No doubt – you will get profits from dvd dropship much different from jewelry items or electronics dropship. It makes sense to spend some time to research the industry and the market (you know – some advanced dropship directories now integrate market research in-built). Then slowly test the sales and the entire process on eBay or Amazon. And finally start your own e-commerce store.

    Selling higher priced tickets is also less time consuming. You can expect much higher demand for dvd’s than for DSLR photo cameras. As a result, you need to make much bigger volume of work to process the orders, to accept payments, to reply the buyers’ e-mails and complaints, to control that all items are available and shipped by your wholesale dropshippers, etc.

    Just another case study of dropship website that is on sale. I think our dropship businesses on sale series is a great way to see what products are more profitable to dropship. And certainly you know that you can always invest some money and buy a fully functional dropship business that deals with the products you would like to dropship.

    Established Online E-store, Electronics dropshipper, $12,500 in sales a month

    $10,000-$15,000 sales a month, $2,500-$4,000 profit a month

    • URL:
    • Established: 24 Jul 2007
    • Uniques/Month: 4,500
    • Page views/month: 10,000
    • Monthly Revenue: $10,000 – $15,000
    • Listed: 5 Oct 2007


    This website,, is a very well established website, that took several months to design and set up, until it’s launch in Late July 2007.

    So even after only a few months, has already had over $25,000US in sales! And this is in AUSTRALIA ONLY! Just think about the money that could be made if Monkey Tech went global!

    Monkey Tech sells:

    • Digital Cameras
    • Video Cameras
    • Handheld Consoles
    • Memory Cards
    • Mobile Phones
    • Projectors
    • Multimedia Players
    • D-SLR Lenses
    • Batteries
    • Games

    We have numerous Drop Shippers and wholesalers that we use to get our products, with some being in Australia, and the rest all around the world! We have built up very strong relationships with these Drop Shippers, meaning fast deliveries, and amazing customer service from them. These Drop Shippers, will ship worldwide with tracking.

    Sales per month are about $10,000US – $15,000US on average. Total profits around $2500US – $4000US a month. Here are details for September sales online:


    Total Sales: $11,100.00 US
    Earnings: $2,550.00 US
    Expenses: $650.00 US
    Profits: $1,900.00 US
    Orders: 18

    These are our sales figures, and as you can see, VERY BIG numbers. And keep in mind, THIS IS AUSTRALIA ONLY! I just don’t have the time and patience to add prices for United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and other countries! THE MONEY YOU COULD MAKE IS…. HUGE!

    Running the business takes usually only 1.30 hours a day AT MOST. Duties include:

    - Processing orders (ordering from supplier and sending tracking numbers/shipping info to customers)
    - Answering customer questions (via email and/or phone if you provide a phone # on site)
    - Updating site with new products and out of stock notices (even if this does take time, the orders you get from it will be worth it!)
    - Our suppliers do ship internationally, so you never have to worry about carrying un-needed stock
    - Managing PPC/Advertising campaigns ( it is up to how aggressive you want to be with this… honestly we have not managed our current PPC/Advertising campaigns very well and there is a lot of room for improvement in this area, if you want to invest the time)
    - Any SEO you may want to do to the site, as not much is being done at the moment

    We currently advertise with Australian companies: (this one costs from $200-$350 a month), and provides great advertising on several websites. (used less, but very good for advertising in multiple countries, can cost about $40-150 a month) (we use this on and off, but when we use it, very good advertising, can get costy though)

    You see that the website takes just 1.30 hour per day to run this electronics dropshipper store properly. Just 18 orders bring over $11,000 in earnings. Imagine how many low price items you need to sell to make that volume.

    Yes, and the owner has distinctly outlined the possible directions to increase the sales. It is not a secret that online electronics market is oversaturated. But do you know markets that are not oversaturated today?

    So, my point was to show that it makes sense to target high priced tickets with your dropship business to maximize your earnings with business model that is call dropshipping.

    [tags]dropship, drop ship, wholesale, ebay, e-commerce[/tags]


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