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    $20 For Madden Football 2006 Pre-Release Video?!
       July 26th, 2006

    Madden Football seriesPublisher Electronic Arts and ESPN are releasing a new 1-hour pay-per-view Madden football series special that will describe the newest features of this year’s game and interview some of the creators and most skilled and famous players along with NFL players featured in the game. This video’s cost will be $20.

    The game sold 1.7 million copies in the first week last year, totally selling more than 3 million copies. By this moment, the Madden games have earned over $2 billion.

    This year’s version is planned to release on August, 22. The pay-per-view campaign starts on August, 4.

    Such campaigns started with the release of Halo 2. The Microsoft company ran trailers in motion picture theaters in 2004. It also started an alternate reality game that hooked fans and kept interest piqued in the game without forcing Microsoft to leak any details about the plot or gaming experience.

    Colin Sebastian, Senior Research Analyst with Lazard Capital Markets, said: “Video game publishers are following the eyeballs. There’s been a core shift – especially among the core 18-35 demographic – from traditional media consumption to other fields. It’s a challenge to find the right people and generate sales off of that marketing”.

    For details GO HERE

    [tag] The Madden Football 2006, series, video, Microsoft, Halo 2, Electronic Arts, ESPN, NFL [/tag]

    Domain Names: Best Ones are Already Taken!
       July 25th, 2006

    verisign logoNowadays, there are over 47,000,000 domain names that end with .com. If you want your domain to be .com you have to check in with a database at Verisign, the Mountain View, Calif., a company that keeps tabs on the dot-com world.

    You can get the complete dot-com list. Mr. Forbes, an analyst at Vastardis Capital Services, got it and has since made a hobby of studying the list, something he does in his spare time. He is well known and has become the world’s most famous domainologist.

    His knowledge and his list might be useful to any one who wants to start his Internet business. For the rest of us, they are simply interesting.

    It is thought that the good domain names on the Internet are already taken and Mr. Forbes’s research proves them out. If you want en example, here you are: for every possible 2-character and 3-character combination (including both letters and numbers) all possible domains are taken. It means that all English words with four letters are claimed. What for different words with apostrophes, Web rules don’t allow them.

    1,000 most usable English words have been used already. The word “A” appears more than any other. The word which is used the least is “CONSONANT,” It is used only in 42 domains.

    To read the FULL article GO HERE

    [tag]  Verisign, the Mountain View, Calif., domain, domain names,  Mr. Forbes, Vastardis Capital Services [/tag]

    Most Popular Internet Blogs
       July 24th, 2006

    Most popular blogs.JPGInternet visits to blog websites is not necessarily a proxy for which blogs have the most subscribers through RSS, but in general it can be interesting to see which blogs people are visiting most frequently. Hitwise has a category called Lifestyle.

    It contains Blogs and Personal Websites and features more than 2,000 sites. But since it includes MySpace Blogs, Blogger and other sites related to blogs, a custom category was created for the top English language blogs according to Technorati to see how they rank against each other in terms of US Internet visits.

    Almost all the top ten most visited blogs are related to politics and celebrity gossip. Huffington Post, Daily Kos and Michelle Malkin have such a large market share because visitors use them as news services, searching for news updates with their favorite spin. Gossip blogs like The Superficial and Pink is the New Blog appeal to the voyeur in all of us, providing readers with gossips beyond the weekly magazines and daily entertainment TV shows.

    To Read The full article GO HERE

    [tag] Blogger, MySpace Blogs, Technorati, PostSecret, Engadget, Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Michelle Malkin, The Superficial, Pink is the New Blog, Dizmodo [/tag]


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