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Dropship Directory

Dropship directories are numerous on the Internet. One of them you are browsing at the moment - Dropship Business - free and useful. There are others that are free. But the leading dropship directory is a subscription-based catalog of products offered by Worldwide Brands Inc. They are the pioneers among those who make dropship directories. They have the largest database of dropshippers. They claim to have 3,000,000 Products from 4,000 Brand Names in their directory. One can have a preview by products or by brands it really looks impressive.

They also state that they are We are the ONLY Drop Ship and Wholesale Directory Publisher that is CERTIFIED BY EBAY that no doubt add credibility to their dropship directory.

Of course, it would be great to get a free 14-day trial to make sure they meet your expectations, but this feature is not available, at least not at the moment. What other benefits does this dropship directory offer?

  • The most comprehensive Product Sourcing Tool on the Internet for finding Name Brand and Specialty items to sell online with NO INVESTMENT.

  • A fully cross-referenced, web-based directory of REAL Drop Ship wholesalers for over 3,000,000 world-class Name Brand and Specialty products, updated in REAL TIME via the Internet.

  • For every Brand Name and Product Type we list, you get the REAL wholesale source, their address, phone numbers, email addresses, web site, the name of the person to talk to, credit terms, how to order, and when the contact was last updated. All sources are continually updated and re-verified for accuracy.

  • Instructions on how to work directly with Manufacturers and Wholesale Distributors who Drop Ship top Name Brand products right to your customer's door. You get tips, tricks, articles and advice online at anytime; all kinds of information and advice regarding the drop shipping business.

  • Access the Dropship Directory from any computer on the Internet!

  • The Drop Ship Directory was awarded the Internet Business Excellence Award, in the category of "Resource Most Useful to Webmasters".

How is the dropship directory maintained?

We are in the Product Sourcing Research and Verification business. That's what we do, full time. 40 hours a week, all year long. Over the past five years, our full-time Staff has Researched tens of thousands of companies that claim to be Wholesalers.

We go to to the source. We contact thousands of product suppliers personally, searching for Drop Shippers. We attend Wholesale Trade Shows all around the U.S., meeting with and establishing relationships with genuine Wholesalers. We carefully screen every new Drop Shipper we find, to be certain that they are Genuine. We add new Drop Shipper information to The Drop Ship Source Directory on a daily basis.

We have very high standards, and even many companies who are real wholesalers don't "make the cut" to get listed in one of our Directories.

Sounds good. Added to that:

Updated every day with new Suppliers. Lifetime Ownership, ONE TIME price. Convinced? Just part with some funds to get an instant access to the dropship directory. You can get your access here.

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250,000 Products to sell. FREE trial

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